Investigating the features a customer requires. All

Investigating the features a customer requires. All

Investigating businessesAssignment 6- Description of three functional areas at Land RoverFunctional area- one-production Land Rover produces vehicles based on custom order. This means that when a customer orders a car, it is made personally for them. But Land Rover does not mass-produce the cars; the car is made by order.

The dealerships that sell the customer the car sends the order to land Rover including the features a customer requires. All Land Rover vehicles start off in the stamping plant. The car begins as a sheet of metal/aluminium, which is then pressed into shape, which is needed for each part of the car. Each part of the car has to be strong and durable.

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Then every piece is trimmed to define the shape and require a high quality finish. In the body in the white section, employees take the finished panels and put them on a fixture before they are welded together to produce the front and rear end of the car. Then on the framing floor the front, rear ends and roof bows are put together and welded. Further down the line the roof is dropped on an area where studs and brackets are added. This process takes roughly about an hour, to transform fresh panels into Land rover silhouettes. In the body and white cosmetic section, all panels are bolted on and carefully lined completing the Land Rover vehicle.The vehicle is then given a unique identification number and then is transported to the paint shop.

The police can then obtain the identification number and record onto computer. The computer will help locate the vehicle if stolen, therefore so you can retrieve it. In the paint shop, the interior of the car is hand sprayed with a base colour.

Then the car is sent to the electrostatic process. The spray nozzle then spins at 24 000 rmp, then the paint sticks to the metal a lot easier. Then the base coat is applied and it is dried with infra red lamps before a coat of lacquer is applied finally, preservative is injected into the sills, doors and cross members in the wax booth.

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