Introduction In the year 1918

Introduction In the year 1918

In the year 1918, Kansai Paint was found by Katsujiro Iwai. In the year 1960, Kansai Paint started to share the Japanese excellence to the world. In the year 1965, they made the move to set up their first foreign operations in Singapore. From there, they moved quickly across Southeast Asia, Asia, United States and Europe. In the year 2006, Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn. Bhd have been founded Malaysia by Kansai Paint. In January 2013, they have turned into the official paint accomplice of the English football club, Manchester United. In the year 2015, Kansai Paint Malaysia has been established as Kansai Paint Asia Pacific to meet consumer and business demands across the region. By 2016, Sancora Paint was joining into Kansai Paint. (Kansai Paint Asia Pacific, 2016)
The product of Kansai Paint that can be classify to five category such as exterior, interior, wood & metal, timber & roofcote, and primer & undercoat. The colours neutral of the year 2018 is ‘AMADEUS’. Amadeus is an earthy, yellow-tinted hue that helps to bring a space together. It’s a neutral character which brings a grounding energy when you combine it with other colours. (Kansai Paint Asia Pacific, 2016) The number of employees in the Kansai Paint is 12491 peoples. (Owler, Inc. 2018)

Internal Factors
The strength of Kansai Paint in the exterior product is PAR Weathercoat. PAR Weathercoat by Kansai is a 100% unadulterated acrylic, elite, unrivalled quality outside review emulsion that gives a splendid smooth and ultra-lavish wrap up. Exceptionally figured to withstand the brutal tropical atmosphere, PAR Weathercoat is detailed to last longer than standard emulsion paint. Standard Weathercoat accompanies a composed 6 years security guarantee against chipping, peeling, inordinate shading blurring, parasites and green growth development. (Kansai Paint Asia Pacific, 2016)
The strength of Kansai Paint in the interior product is Goody easy clean. Goody easy clean by Kansai Paint is a highs review emulsion that gives a splendid, smooth and appealing mid sheen pearl complete for inside utilize. Goody Easy Clean can withstand direct washing which makes it perfect for surfaces where standard cleaning is required. (Kansai Paint Asia Pacific, 2016)
The weakness of Kansai Paint is contrasted and nippon paint, his quality isn’t sufficient. The second weakness is the Kansai Paint isn’t sufficiently popular. At the point when Kansai Paint contrasted and nippon paint, individuals will pick nippon paint first.

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External factors (PEST)
The political of Kansai Paint is Kansai Paint plans to invest as much as 9 billion yen ($82.3million) to build two factories in India, looking to boost its paint output in the country roughly 40% by 2020. (Nikkei Asian Review, 2017)
The economic of Kansai Paint is they earn 15.3B JPY in the last quarter and earn 46.9B JPY in last year. (Trading Economics, 2018)
The social of Kansai Paint are they have employees, customers, industry groups, business partners, shareholders and investors, and local communities. (Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, 2018)
The technological of Kansai Paint are they have basic technology, paint technology, application technology, colour technology ; colour design. (Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, 2018)
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Strength product-PAR Weathercoat, Goody easy clean (Kansai Paint, 2016)
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Economic (Trading Economics, 2018)
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