In violence and media. The arguments, as

In violence and media. The arguments, as

In the United States today, youth violence is a public health problem. No one has determined that TV violence is the foremost source of this epidemic. Nevertheless, it is evident that it is one of the causes.

Television, movies, and the internet all pose threats to the well-being of children, and pollutes their innocence.We must acknowledge that the relationship between violence and media. The arguments, as to their mutual influence significantly precede the existence of television.

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It is agreed among social scientists that television violence increases the tendency to real-life aggression among some viewers. Not only are children exposed to violence on television, and the movies, but in video games in arcades and computer games at home. In these games, they are active participants rather than spectators. It would be worse for children to play games like Doom, or Mortal Kombat and shoot everything in sight, or rip out a simulated opponent’s heart, then just witness it. Bibliography:Rubenstein, Eli A.

, Television and Social Behavior. Maryland: Health Services and Mental Health Administration, 1982.Voort, Van Der T.H.A., Television Violence: A Child’s-Eye View.

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