Violent you can take a chainsaw and cut

Violent you can take a chainsaw and cut

Violent video games cause more aggression in young people Joshua N inaProfessor Mrs.

JacksonOctober 13 2010Psychology 1010 Introduction Video games have evolved much from what they use to be. Video games in the 70’s were simple; in one of them all it consisted of was one block on each side that could only maneuver up and down. It was called ping pong, their would be a ball that you could hit back in forth bouncing off you’re block, and sending it to you’re opposing opponent. Now in video games you can take a chainsaw and cut characters head off in the game and be rewarded with points.

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I chose this topic simply because it is interesting, and I my self play violent video games, and if they do produce more aggressive behavior or violence, then the world is in trouble because video games are main stream, and still growing. Violent video game research is not old at all, no more than thirty something years. When they were done in the past, some cases show that it had absolutely no affect on a people. There were three studies that used self report data. Dominick in 1984 found that the amount of video games played had a positive correlation with one of three measures of aggression among tenth and eleventh grade boys (Thomas A.Kooijmans). Other studies in the past show little aggression or noting at all.

With little or no evidence, there was no hard ground facts that could give proof that violent video games contribute to today’s violence. In more recent studies shows that violent video games can cause more aggressive behavior. With older studies if done to a person who is not hostile at all or aggressive the game can have little or no effect. IF done to a person who is aggressive already and hostile the game can influence them more and make them into a violent person, or cause violent acts.

I think the reason why violent video games have more of an effect on people who are already aggressive is they have the thought and instinct in them already to be violent. Carrying out the acts of wanting to be violent in a video game can encourage it to them or make them think its ok. In my study, I will perform a test on a certain age group of people to see if violent video games in any kind of way if they are rewarding or just for the fun of it encourage aggressiveness or violence to the person who has played it. My guess would be that they do in some kind of way create or encourage aggressive behavior.This study can help lessen crime rates, help understand the human mind, and see if we are the cause of are own violence. Methodology Variables: The independent variable in this study will be whether or not certain participants are playing violent video games or not. The dependent variables will the counts of those who did play the video games.

Were they more subject to bad behavior such as, criminal records, detention in school, and being suspended. All of these things will be counted in to factor as to whether the violent video games made tem act a certain aggressive way.Design: I will be conducting a naturalistic study, I will only control one thing but in their natural habitat. I will have two groups; one group will be the ones that play the violent video games regularly (group vg).

The other group will be the ones that don’t play video games at all (group ng). Subjects: I will be using participants ranging from the ages of eight to 18 years old, I chose this age because I feel this is when you’re brain is more subject to learning new things and taking them in.I will be using nothing but males, and which of most will be in some type of school. For the group that will be playing video games, I will have subjects in their that are already aggressive and some that aren’t mixed together to see if it really makes a difference if you have to already be somewhat aggressive for violent video games to take effect, to make you aggressive. Remember there are still two groups, but one of them will have a mixture of different kinds of personalities.

The participants will be encouraged by being rewarded with money, and free lunch for the rest of the school year. That way even parents will like the rewards because they don’t have to pay for their child to eat at school anymore. Instruments: Not many instruments are used in this, since it is mostly just observing. I will use statistics and their history to come to my conclusion. Procedure: First I will gather group vg, these will be the participants that had signed up and said that they play violent video games almost daily and if not all the time.After watching them from a certain start point, which will be when they first signed up, I will watch over their behavioral acts, as far as detention, suspension, and maybe criminal records if they have one. I will do the same for group ng and see which group at the end of a time span of years will have better results.

I will have agreements papers filled out and signed by both the subject and guardian of the subject, to verify that they are playing violent video games almost daily. I will receive these forms at least four times a week. References http://www. ersonalityresearch.

org/papers/kooijmans. html Until the recent resurgence in interest in video games in the past decade, research on the topic was minimal. There were few correlations found, and several had conflicting results. There were three studies which used self report data. Dominick (1984) found that the amount of video games played had a positive correlation with one of three measures of aggression among tenth and eleventh grade boys. However, Gibb, Bailey, Lambirth, and Wilson (1983) found no relation in a larger study of 12-34 year olds.

Another study found a correlation between use of arcade games and teachers’ ratings of aggressiveness (Lin ; Leper, 1987). Due to the conflicting results of these studies, no conclusive correlations could be drawn. Most data seemed to show a positive correlation between videogame play and aggression, yet Gibb et al. ‘s (1983) study showed otherwise http://www. sciencenewsforkids. org/articles/20070124/Feature1. asp”Video games may have an influence on human behavior or mentality, but I believe that whoever plays the game already has .

. . a violent intent or nature within,” writes Jason, 16.

I strongly doubt a nun whom you could somehow get to play Mortal Kombat for a while would eventually gain a violent personality or behave as such. ” http://www. psychology.

iastate. edu/faculty/caa/video_game_faqs. html just read. Appendix Even if the study done in this paper does not convince you that violent videos games has an effect on a person’s aggression. There are many other studies that have been done that clearly show that this statement is true. As well as even showing brain activity in ones brain that has been subject to violent video games.

General questions: What types of games did they play? In the experiment did the group who did not play the games show more violence? In what area did you conduct this findings? do other areas have similar results? Answers: The types of games the participants played were very violent ones like gears of war, mortal kombat, and doom. The participants that did not play the video games showed some violence but much less than the ones that did. I did my research and studies in Michigan and yes very similar results have been founded all over the world.

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