All will be refunded with a credit voucher

All will be refunded with a credit voucher

All Returns Must be Accompanied by an FC Bookstore receipt.TEXTBOOKS are returnable during Rush only as posted. New texts MUST be in perfect condition: no markings, no folds, creases, or scratches.

Any ORIGINAL shrink-wrap must be intact. Books not qualifying for return may be considered for buyback at the current market price. Books for canceled classes are subject to the publishers’ return policies.

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TEXTBOOKS purchased after the first 3 weeks of Fall/Spring semester may be returned within 24 hours only, new text conditions above apply. Please note:. All Textbook purchases are non-returnable as posted towards end of semesters.ELECTRONICS are refundable within 5 days of purchase ONLY if package is not opened and in completely new condition. Manufacturer’s warranties and policies will prevail over posted policy.

All sales are final last semester month.GENERAL BOOKS, MAGAZINES, CUSTOM COURSE MATERIALS, CARDS, FOOD AND BEVERAGES, clearance merchandise, drafting kits, goggles, and fine drawing paper are not returnable.CLOTHING, SUPPLIES, and GIFTWARE are returnable within 7 days and must be in unopened, original, saleable condition with tags attached.SOFTWARE and COMPUTER PERIPHERALS are mostly not returnable. Please choose carefully.

Limited returns within 7 days on some unopened software that is the CURRENT version.CHECK purchases less than 5 days old will be refunded with a credit voucher Bibliography:

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