Ok, A. Ablow-off class of some sort,

Ok, A. Ablow-off class of some sort,

Ok, so the only reason I joined theater class was because I needed an easy A. Ablow-off class of some sort, to balance out the rest of my schedule. I got muchmore than that.

I am taking with me a sense of self-worth, and confidence. Iacquired the ability to think on my feet, and the motivation to get up and dosomething when faced with a new situation, not just giggle and turn red. Thebiggest thing, I think, is the ability to just talk to people and not be worriedabout what they think. After all, I cant be embarrassed after I think aboutsome of the stuff that I did this year in front of the class. I found that I cango ahead and talk to someone I dont know, instead of just standing there,awkwardly. After spending five weeks on improvisation during the first semester,I can think on my feet. It also gives me something to do when the telemarketerscall.

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I can think of something to say when Im talking to one of dadsclients. And of course, if someone gets into a situation that they cant quiteexplain, I can whip up a story in no time flat, (not that I would ever get intotrouble or anything). After taking the class, I never have my back to someonewhen Im talking. I can project, (sort of). I know what Snagglepus is talkingabout when he says Exit, stage right! Stage fright is no longer a bigthing for me. I can play a crazy role very well. I can talk in British andRussian accents, (Daahlink, ve must get moose and skverrl!).

I can pickout bad actors/actresses in movies and shows. I have a deep respect for thetheater arts. I am not much of an actress, but I love being backstage, allstressed out, trying to iron out all the last minute wrinkles before the show.Being in theater class introduced me to Theatre Club, which gave me a chance tobe a part of this years production. I was glad to do everything from pinningup costumes, to reprogramming the light board for the fifty-eighth time, to justbeing the gopher, or listening to a nervous actress go over her dramatic soloone last time.

Its just knowing that I am part of the whole thing, workingwith so many people for so long, then watching it all come together. Backstagecraft wasnt a big part of the class, but therelationship/every-one-is-a-link-universal-truth part of it was an undertonelesson throughout the whole class. When we had to work with people that we hadknown all our lives, but had never talked to before, and create something; thatwas cool. Through theater class, I got introduced to the lighting and soundroom, which I love.

I guess its a power trip, or something, but I just feelgood knowing that I am the first female student to ever run the schools lightboard. I like being in charge, and being able to lock the door, and not letanyone in. Next year, I will have to train a sophomore to take over my job,before I graduate, which seems pretty scary, and puts my remaining high schooltimeframe in perspective. I have tried to outline some of random thoughts aboutthe past years third hour class. It wasnt the blow-off class I wasexpecting, and it helped me get through a few of my other classes.

In college, Imay pursue the backstage positions, but honestly, I dont think that theaterwill be a major part in my life as I go riding off into the sunset, but Iveenjoyed it all the same.Theater

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