In School. There are several reasons as

In School. There are several reasons as

In 1969, an event known as The Wave swept through a school in California.

Students were being brainwashed and all of their morals were being flushed down the toilet. Everyone was just thinking what is best for the school or The Wave. This event would not even come close to happening in McDonald High School. There are several reasons as to why this would not happen. First of all, the students here at McDonald High School do not care for the school. If anyone of them had the chance to move they would. If you walked through the halls then someone would surely say that he/she hates McDonald and wishes they could get out.

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The second is there are too many little cliques here. All of the cliques don’t even like each other. Just take a look at cross-country and football and the wars they have been through. In the past week there have already been death threats. That goes to prove how much the people here like each other. So there is no way in the world anyone would want to come together. It would be impossible for even Martin Luther King Jr.

to bring this school together as one. A final reason for this event to happen in McDonald is that people are two-faced. One moment people are friends then the next moment they are talking behind their backs.

Then he/she will hate each other for like a week but then it is back to being friends. There really is no one that can be trusted. These are the reasons why I think an event like The Wave will not happen in McDonald. And to think, the teachers have even tried to put together a social for everyone to get along and it didn’t work. People will try to bring McDonald together and it won’t work at all.

There isn’t even a leader to look up to so how could The Wave sweep this school.

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