The spirituality of Indians was legendary

The spirituality of Indians was legendary

The spirituality of Indians was legendary. They were environmentally friendly and wise.
They respected animals as equal. They hunted animals, but only for food. Hunters firstly asked
permission of the Great Spirit. Many Indians appreciated the beauty of nature. Their wisdom
came from the way of life. If we have the same lifestyle, we will live in harmony with nature
and ourselves. It is very difficult to persuade all people to follow this idea. But I think each
person can persuade a few people to make a difference. I think the solution has been already
created, but unfortunately it isn’t very popular with people. It’s camping. Camp is a creative,
educational and cooperative outdoor living experience. Many children go camping every year,
spending their days physically active, trying new things and developing life-long skills. If we
spend more time close to nature, we will develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world
at camp. Strong personal values and character are shaped as children are encouraged to live
by laws similar to Indian’s. This way we can take a part in decisions that impact others,
contemplate relationship with God, reflect on personal values, with this we can develop duty to
nature. At camp and in future we will have time to consider and reflect on life in whole.


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