The purpose of this research is the impact of training and development of employees and its effects on the performance of an enterprise or organization

The purpose of this research is the impact of training and development of employees and its effects on the performance of an enterprise or organization

The purpose of this research is the impact of training and development of employees and its effects on the performance of an enterprise or organization. This study explains introductory information on the background, problem, and objectives of the work.
1.1 Preamble
Human resource management regards training and development as a function concerned with organizational goals aimed at bettering the job performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. Training and development can be defined as it is an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, and gaining increasingly knowledge to boost the performance of employees
1.2 Background
Training is effort initiated by an organization to foster learning among its workers, and development is effort that is oriented increasingly towards broadening an individual’s skills for the future responsibility. (George ; Scott, 2012). Training and development are a continuous effort designed to modernize employees’ competence and organize performance as a goal to modernize on the workers’ volume and performance. Running an organization, it may big or small, requires staffing the organization with efficient staffs. Specific job skills, ability, knowledge and competence needed in the workplace are not efficiently taught `in the formal education. As such, most employees need wide-stretching training to ensure the necessary SKAC to bring out substantive contribution towards the company’s growth.
For employees to be flexible and constructive in their job, they need to reap and develop knowledge and skill, and for them to believe that they are valued by the organization they work for, then they need to see valued signs of management promises to their training needs. Each new employee must be properly trained not only to develop technical skills, but to make them an integral part of the organization. Training and development are a specialty that must be faced by every organization, and its major aim is to modernize the employees’ competencies such that the organization can maximize effectiveness and efficiency of their human resources. It can be a wholesomeness for an organization if they win the “hearts and minds” of their workers, getting them to identify with the organization (Armstrong, 2009).
For workers to be equipped to perform well, there must be an investment in the training processes. These processes are part of the unshorten human resource management tideway which results in employees stuff motivated to perform. However, training vary from organization to organization in relation to the quality and quantity of training factors, Zambeel store pvt (Ltd) is one of the fastest growing shopping platforms. It is a perfect online shopping store that use unconventional technology and deliver all purities.
Online shopping stores are contributing our society in many ways. Pakistan has massive increase in e-commerce business. A few backs there was no concept of online shopping but now it has become part of everybody’s life. As online shopping has become a trend and almost every Pakistani use to shop from different stores. As Zambeel store is the one of the biggest shopping stores in Rawalpindi Pakistan and many people are doing job there. But from last 3 to 4 years back many employees are leaving their jobs however they have good salary packages. But the main reason found that employees can’t perform their task properly because they are not trained in particular area. Although but Zambeel store has very strong business but according to their corporate culture but their training session is not effective which motivate their employees in such way. In result employees are not performing better and this behavior effecting their relationship with employer.
1.3 Problem Statement:
We want to investigate the impact of training and development practices (job enrichment, job rotation, and job mentoring) on job performance.
Therefore, specific research questions which should be answered are given;
• Do employees training and development policies exist in store?
• What types of training programs they have?
• How the training and development programs work?
• What steps should take to measure this problem?

1.4 Purpose of the Study:
The purpose if this study is to investigate the factors of training and development which increase the employee’s job performance in Zambeel store (pvt) Ltd.

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1.5 Research Hypothesis
H0: Job enrichment has positive impact on job performance
H1: Job rotation has positive impact on job performance.
H2: Mentoring has positive impact on job performance.

1.6 Limitations
Training and development will require benefits for employees such as largest position and better career life and it make efficiency of the organization enhance. Instead of unskilled employees, skilled employees will require a largest performance to the employees. Organization should create a lot of training and minutiae activities to modernize the employee’s performance by enhancing knowledge well-nigh the visitor and modernize skills among the workers. Besides that, organization should build a constructive communication network amongst their employees. This research was conducted on Private company Zambeel (pvt) Ltd Rawalpindi Pakistan. Further studies might be focused on other merchantry sectors and explore the employee performance based on training and minutiae in variegated scenarios.


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