“The Lindbergh kidnapping

“The Lindbergh kidnapping

“The Lindbergh kidnapping: Was Hauptmann wrongfully convicted?”
No one, especially a baby, deserves to be taken from their loved ones. The Lindbergh kidnapping was horrifying for both Baby Lindbergh and his parents. What Bruno Hauptmann did was cruel, vicious and he had nothing but bad intentions for the baby and his family. Hauptmann was punished for his actions and he got what he rightfully deserved. Hauptmann was not wrongfully convicted due to the fact the handwriting on the ransom note matched his, the money was found in his house and witnesses saw him lingering around the Lindbergh house the day of the crime.
There were more than twelve ransom notes each demanding a different amount of money for Charles Lindbergh Jr. to be returned. “Analysis of the ransom notes had suggested a perpetrator of poor education and of German descent.” (encyclopedia.com). Not only were the notes evidence, but a homemade ladder was also found at his home. Hauptmann was a German immigrant and carpenter. The handwriting expert looks for various points of similarity and difference between two documents—in this case Hauptmann’s writing and the ransom notes. The overall form is important—the size, shape, and slant of the different letters are vital features of this overview. Spacing between letters and words will also be noted. The spelling errors and mistakes in punctuation or grammar that can indicate level of education received.


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