The last model

The last model

The last model, “mobile outreach service,” is one of the model that is helpful to homeless individual than pervious model, due to it operates from vehicles at sites such as on the street. However, some of the disadvantage that this model have is unable to provide a wide array of services due to absence of space and equipment. Some of the mobile outreach service include diagnosis, screening, prevention, education, and referrals to other agencies and most of this service are often lead by a nurse practitioner teams
All three models are some solution that will be helpful to many homeless individuals. By breaking the barriers that effect many individuals, the three models are an attempt to provide better access care for them and it also hope to provide treatment care to homeless individuals whom are still roaming the street. The implementation of the three models of primary care would significant health policy reformation. However, the research signifying the need for such models is plentiful and clear. It also hoped that the effectiveness of the three models will similar to the same care that the average citizens received. But for this model to be affect, it needs that concrete support for the continuity of care.


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