Bullying is a serious problem worldwide that many children face daily when being away from their parents view and protection

Bullying is a serious problem worldwide that many children face daily when being away from their parents view and protection

Bullying is a serious problem worldwide that many children face daily when being away from their parents view and protection. Bullying in schools has unfortunately become a normal part of school’s life. But when people begin to believe that this is a normal thing, they forget how bullying is both physical and psychologically harmful. This is a purposely attempt of controlling another person by both physical and verbal abuse. This behavior is also known as peer victimization which is aggressive and undesired among children that makes one superior than the other. Childhood bullying has serious psychological effects in the ability to learn, depression and school shootings.
First, bullying and poor academic achievement are linked frequently. Children who are repeatedly bullied get poorer grades and participate less in class discussions due to the fear and intimidation of getting bullied. Some studies indicate that children in a bullying social vulnerability situation perform poorly in school, are extremely unhappy consequently dropping out of school (Zequinao, Cardoso, Silva ; Medeiros, 2017). This has become more important now a days that we can recognize the damages caused to both bullied and peer victimization children. Children victims of bullying often miss school and feel insecurity when in public and they prefer to stay away from peers (Zequinao, Cardoso, Silva ; Medeiros, 2017). Or when sitting in class making it harder for them to pay attention just thinking about what the bully will say or do in class or after school.
Secondly, the anger and frustration bullied children go through is overwhelming and difficult to control that it results in committing acts of violence. Bullying has a long-term effect on children’s mental health that they turn to gun violence and when this happens the person/shooter is seeking power and control. The intention behind this is to seek out the bullies and the teachers who they feel didn’t protect them. But also the non-bullied and non-bullies suffer the consequences in becoming the victims of violence. There have been media reports that greatly acknowledged that the school shooters have been taunted and humiliated by other students, therefore, acting in vengeance (Kowalski, Smith ; Phillips, 2003). Most of the children who are bullied don’t have many friends and their lives at home are unfortunately no better. When bullying and teasing occur in the presence of other people, typically provides public humiliation resulting in greater interpersonal rejection and ending up in school shootings (Kowalski, Smith & Phillips, 2003).
Lastly, bullying and depression are often related. Children begin in withdrawing from family and keeping to themselves. They tend to keep their feelings hidden instead of talking or sharing them with others. These symptoms include excessive crying, worrying and other mental disorders. Feeling helpless and the inability of not being able to defend themselves makes them easy targets of bullying. Some if not most of these effects do get worse over time, billed up and consequently can also result in suicide. It has been said that children who are being bullied tend to be more quiet, sensitive and be more anxious and insecure than other children, have less friends, feel unhappy and very lonely (West & Salmon, 2000). Children develop trust issues and making difficult for them to socialize. When children feel stuck, like there is no way out or no solution to their situation, violence is what they see as a way out for them. This creates a devastating outcome. Bullied victims also suffer from low self-esteem, view themselves and situations negatively, see themselves as failures, feel stupid, embarrassed and ugly (West & Salmon, 2000).
In conclusion, bullied children serious effects come with difficulty in the ability to learn, depression and school shootings. These problems usually continue until adulthood causing many impacts in life, displaying itself criminally, in domestic violence and child abuse. It is important to recognize and note the effects in bullied children to be able to give them the help they need and prevent tragedies. Bullying is prohibited, unacceptable, wrong and a very serious matter. This needs to be prevented and tackling this problem requires commitment. Bullied victims will often suffer from life-long problems, like low self-esteem, learning issues and violent actions. Bullying is too important to ignore, children need to feel safe both in and outside of school.


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