The years with 19 films.James Bond has

The years with 19 films.James Bond has

The James Bond PhenomenonJames Bond has gone through a lot of changes in the years with 19 films.James Bond has been played by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, GeorgeLazneby, to Pierce Bronsman. All being great James Bond characters.

The best ofthem being Sean Connery, why? I don’t know why, he has always just been a betteractor in every movie he has been in. Then comes Pierce Bronsman because he hasbeen in movies for my generation and I can relate with the stuff going on in hismovies. Then would come Timothy Dalton because he looks and acts a lot likePierce Bronsman. I would guess Roger Moore comes in fourth, why? because I HATEGeorge Lazneby and I have no where else to put him. George Lazenby comes in waylast because he is not a actor, he is a talking mannequin.

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They have all gonethrough different types of adventures, well ok they were all action/spy problemsbut they were all different, in some ways anyway. Hey if they suck so much whycan’t you stop watching them? Why have they made so many of them? eh? thats whatI thought. I had my doubts about watching all these James Bond movies, but theywere all good. Sean Connery Played a nice cool, slick James Bond, well so didthe others but he was better at it because he naturally is cool and slick.

Pierce Bronsman played also as a cool, slick James Bond, he really looked likehe was a spy, he kept his cool, I really liked that scene in Golden Eye when heis at the tanks of fuel where the satellite comes out of the water and they areshooting at him and there is sparks right next to his eye and he keeps on doingwhat he is doing. Talk bout a great and intense scene there. Timothy Daltonplayed as fast acting, nervous person as he played James bond. In my opinion helooked very nervous and very like hyper, he really wasn’t that good, but helooked like he was a really bad acting Pierce Bronsman.

Roger Moore, well heTRYED to act as a cool, slick James Bond, but he didn’t really pull it off right,he just looked like a big dork in my opinion, he wasn’t aggressive enough to bea good James Bond. He tryed to be aggressive but he just made a fool of him self,In his movie Live and Let die, the co-starring actors and actresses really madethe movie any good. Well George Lazenby is not an actor, he is a mannequin thatyou can program one line scenes into. You THINK he has a brain, but he reallyhas one of those TalkBoy things up there. There really isn’t that much differentin all of the James Bond films except for maybe the villains, henchmen, and theproblems needed to be solved. All of the James Bond actors tryed to be cool, andslick.

Some of them pulled it off in some movies, in others they didn’t. Theyall definitely got the chick of there dreams in each movie, George even gotmarried, although that didn’t last very long, he still got married. Hey wait asecond, thats ANOTHER Reason why George Lazenby is a really bad actor, or maybeit was just his role, he got married, James Bond isn’t supposed to get married.

Getting Married is like against the James Bond code of ethics!! I bet if Georgestarred in another James Bond film, he would prolly die! even if the script sayshe isn’t soppsed to! In the end of each film James Bond kills his villain andhenchman except one, but hey we all can’t be perfect. Well in the end prettymuch every person who has played James Bond has been the same, or tryed to bethe same as the last.

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