The sports entertainment. Back then, it was

The sports entertainment. Back then, it was

The world of professional wrestling has recently gone through changes.

In the eighties, professional wrestling came into the mainstream as sports entertainment. Back then, it was good guy vs. bad guy. The fans knew to cheer for and, likewise, they knew who to jeer for. As the nineties came along, the scenario underwent some changes.

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No longer was the drama of wrestling so plain and clear. Nowadays, there are shades of gray where each superstar has his good points, as well as his bad ones. In addition to changes in character, wrestlers are expected to perform dangerous stunts and curse in front of the audience. Not only must wrestlers act out in such crude behavior, but also many of the stories in wrestling now circulate around a sexual nature of some sort. Though this type of drama was once impossible to even conceive, it is a scene all too familiar nowadays. The reason for the new glamour of wrestling is simple, ratings.

It is downright obvious that the WWF and the WCW, the two leading wrestling organizations, take it to the extreme every week to top each other in the Nielsen ratings. This new face of wrestling has brought the sport much positive and negative attention. There are many fans that relish the wild stories, beautiful women, and the death defying stunts. However, those opposed to wrestling are outraged. They claim that the youth of America is becoming more violent, more obscene, and the sexual nature of wrestling is inappropriate for children.

Also, the race for ratings was the cause of a tragic ring accident, this past May; leading to the death of wrestler Owen Hart. All in all, this is a fight; between American Parents, who wish change the nature of wrestling vs. the two wrestling corporations. I personally enjoy professional wrestlings new flair. It has livened up the sport and has brought many friends of mine to appreciate wrestling.

Though American parents have a strong case, I will continue to watch wrestling until they choose to tone things down. Bibliography:

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