The French and Indian War

The French and Indian War

The French and Indian War was fought on July 9, 1755. This battle tookplace at Fort Duquesne, in western Pennsylvania, which was one of the manyFrench forts in the Ohio Valley. The fight was between the English army, whichwas led by General Edward Braddock and the French army, which was led by CaptainBeaujeau. The English army included 1,750 British regulars and 450 colonialmilitia. The French army, which included Indians, included less than 1,000 men.

The English army and General Edward Braddock marched through the wildernesstowards the French fort, Fort Duquesne. The uniforms that the British wore wereeasy to see through the forest. They were red and very bright. Some soldierscarried flags, some just marched and carried their guns, some were on horses,and others played music to which the army marched. General Braddock and hisBritish soldiers believed that the right way to fight a battle was to positionthemselves in an open area.

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The French and Indians hid behind trees and rockswhich was smart because more British bullets hit trees than French and Indiansoldiers when the two armies fought. Ten miles from Fort Duquesne, CaptainBeaujeau and his French army made a surprise attack on the English. Most of theBritish soldiers were killed and injured. While riding horses, General Braddockhad four of them shot from under him before he himself was killed. When GeorgeWashington was 23 years old, he led the colonial militia on a retreat to safety.

Two horses were shot from under him and four bullet holes were found in his coat,but Washington himself was not killed.

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