Pre-Marital Sex:Is It Worth The Wait?Pre-marital sex,

Pre-Marital Sex:Is It Worth The Wait?Pre-marital sex,

Pre-Marital Sex:Is It Worth The Wait?Pre-marital sex, young Catholics know it is wrong. So why do they do it? Most teenagers have heard or coined the phrases “everyone’s doing it.” “If you loved me you’d do it” and also “It’s okay I have a condom.” Sex before marriage can be harmful to your body, your future, but the scariest of all your eternity. In this paper we shall look more into the Catholic point of view on pre-marital bliss. The purpose of sex is to unite a married couple as one loving body in consummating a marriage, to leave the possibility of procreation open, and to and to educate a child.

The purpose of sex is to unite a married couple as one loving body. This is because God’s intention in creating the first man and woman was for them to love and create more men and women. To do so a married couple must join as one loving body or to have sexual intercourse.

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In having intercourse the first time in a marriage you are consummating the marriage therefore making the marriage official in the eyes of God. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says: “the union of man and woman in marriage is a way of imitating the flesh in the creators generosity and fecundity: ‘Therefore . .

. and they become one flesh’ (Gen4:24) All human generations proceed from this union” (Catechism 2335). Sex is meant for mature individuals who are prepared to face the consequences of sex. Two of the biggest fears in premarital sex are STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and unwanted pregnancy. A married individual normally does not have to deal with such problems. This is because at the average age of marriage most STDs are not common.

Second, in a marriage a couple normally wants a child to care for. However, teenagers do not want these responsibilities. Which leads to common use of contraceptives in teen sex.

Sex is meant to leave an opening for procreation. Contraceptives are commonly used in premarital sex. These are used to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. How can one use a condom and leave an opening for a child to be conceived? The Bible says “God blessed man and woman with the words: ‘Be fruitful and multiply’” (GS 50). Condom, the most popular choice for a contraceptive, is a latex cover for the male phallus, which prevents the sperm from entering the vagina and making it’s way to the egg. In humans sexual reproduction is done through intercourse. When the sperm meets the egg.

When a condom does fail there is a high risk of catching a STD or having an unwanted pregnancy. In the chance of a pregnancy there are alternatives such as raising the child on your own, giving it up for abortion, and the sinful way out, having an abortion. Abortion is a mortal sin because it is the death of an unborn child.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “By its very nature the institution of marriage and married love is ordered to the procreation and education of the offspring and is in them that it finds their crowning glory” (1652, 460). Raising a child on your own is not impossible however it is not easy. Finally, Sex is meant to aid in educating a child. Without sex there is no child. In the cases of teen-parents, it is not probable that the child will grow up with the proper education. This is most probable because the teens themselves are still learning.

In the instances of single parent parenting, the education can be very tedious. It would be tedious because the single parent would have to play the role of the mother and the father as well. Such examples prove that sex inside of marriage is the simplest choice. One would not have as many issues to face and will be able to raise a family almost problem free. In parenting there will naturally be problems too, however when an adult is there to help their children they have the personal experience and moral guidance needed to lead the offspring off on the right foot. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “ Parents are the principle and first educators of their children.

In this sense the fundamental task of marriage and family is to be at the service of life” (1653, 461). When your child comes to you and tell you that their boy/girlfriend is pressuring them for sex you can be able to tell them to abstain. “Abstinence is the only safe and morally correct form of contraception”. In conclusion, sex is meant to unite a married couple as one loving body in consummating a marriage, to leave the possibility of procreation open and to and to educate a child. The previous information has shown sex to only be moral and truly worry free in a marriage. “Let the Hebrews marry, at the age fit for it, virgins that are free, and born of good parents. But if the damsel be convicted, as having been corrupted, and is one of the common people, let her be stoned, because she did not preserve her virginity till she were lawfully married; but if she were the daughter of a priest let her be burnt alive” (Pastor David, Virginity/Marriage, 1)Works CitedCatechisms of the Catholic Church, The.

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