The debate on climate change was closed because it had been proven that it does not exist

The debate on climate change was closed because it had been proven that it does not exist

The debate on climate change was closed because it had been proven that it does not exist. That is what one of the world’s foremost meteorologists has said. John Coleman, co-founder of the American channel The Weather Channel, states that the theory of man-made global warming has no scientific basis. That reports the British Daily Express.
The ‘little bit’ evidence for the rising temperature on earth points in the direction of a ‘natural phenomenon’ in an ecosystem that is under development.
In an open letter to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Coleman writes: “The sea level does not rise significantly. The amount of polar ice is increasing instead of decreasing. The number of polar bears is rising. There are fewer heat waves. The number of storms is decreasing and they are also becoming weaker. I have been researching this for years. It has become a political agenda item, but the substantiation is unreliable. ”
However, it is very difficult to convince a human mind. Scientists have been digging the evidence to still find the reality. It has been discovered that the concentration and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been rised and the CO2 has become thicker. In Antarctica, snowfall cannot melt due to low temperatures and thus been observed retaining some bubbles in it. Scientists drilled and sampled ice cores of different depths, extracted the air bubbles, analyzed the gas components, and conducted isotope establishment to obtain information on changes in various constituent of the atmosphere in different historical periods of the Earth. .

Signs of climate change
There are a lot of cases when, due to the melting of permafrost, the remains of frozen ancient animals, such as lions, woolly rhinoceroses and Mamantes, are exposed in the very north of Siberia. Collectors go there in search of these relics and find them sticking out of the ground. This suggests that the melting of glaciers is so intense that the bones do not have time to decompose (as happens with other animal remains).
It is commonly believed that the so-called Great Flood occurred about 4000-6000 years ago, as a result of which many animals died almost simultaneously. Some of them fell into the permafrost and survived until our time. Conclusion: If, as at present, climate change occurred sometime in history (after the Flood), then in the frozen water at the present time there would not be found any frozen animals. This would indicate that after global warming, which was supposedly in history, there should be a global cooling that lasted until our time. The facts show otherwise, otherwise no remains of animals in the permafrost could be found.
Global climate change is evident from the fact that you can often hear about temperature records. In recent years, it has been repeatedly heard that a particular year was the hottest in the history of observations in a given region or on the planet in general. This was true for 1983 and the next ten years, which were recognized as the warmest in the history of observation. 2005 was considered the warmest year in the northern hemisphere. Overcame the “bar” of the previous record of the temperature scale in 1998. 2010 was recognized as the hottest and driest for the central region of Russia in the whole history.

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