So the most unexpected times. Whenever I went

So the most unexpected times. Whenever I went

So far in my life I have moved eight times and been to twelve different schools. I’m not talking about just moving houses.

I’m talking about eight times, packing all of my things and moving to a whole different state. In all this I have learned the most important quality that anyone needs to get through all of the hardships and changes in moving. That quality is courage.

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Courage is as stated in The New International Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language to be “the capacity to meet danger or difficulty with firmness.” In my mind courage has always meant doing what you had to do, and dealing with it because you had to. I never had a choice in my life whether I wanted to move to a different city or not. I just would get told one day that I had about a month before I had to pack up all of my things, say goodbye to all of my friends, say goodbye to my school, and leave everything I had know for the last year or so and move to a whole different place that I didn’t know.

For a young child this can be hard. I learned early on, that I was suppost to “stay strong,” as my father always said. He would tell me that I had to be courageous, and a trooper through all of this and that it would be a new adventure. That’s how I looked at it, as another challenge to face.Courage has to be found deep within you. It isn’t always easy to find, as I have learned from experience, and every time a hardship or a difficult situation comes up you have to dig again to find the courage to get through, but with a little searching I have found that you almost always find it, sometimes at the most unexpected times.

Whenever I went into a new school, I would go in shaking, and sometimes crying, and not want to face what was in store for me. My mom would look me in the eyes, tell me everything would be ok, and to find the courage deep within me and I can achieve anything. I would take a few breaths, calm down, and then take my day a minute at a time trying to scrounge up all the courage I could get. Then when I made it through that day I would feel much better about myself and I would be able to face the next day with much less difficulty, and every day got easier. Making new friends everywhere I went took a lot of courage too.

Whenever someone has to walk up to another whom they don’t know and lay their heart out on the line, it takes a lot of courage. For me walking up to someone and asking them to “be my friend,” for lack of a better phrase, was like walking up to that cute guy in math class and asking him out on a date, or trying to get his number. It scared me more than anything in the world and I was way to shy to do it. It takes a lot of courage to stop yourself from saying, “forget it, I don’t want friends, it’s not worth it.

” This was one of my most feared things to do, since I am one of those people who needs other people, but is also horribly shy. I had to learn to get outgoing, and put my heart on the line. I also learned that when you get hurt just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again, because you can’t loose every time. It’s not only the getting there part that takes courage.

It takes courage to tell your friends that you have learned to love that you have to leave them. When you are a child, it is most likely in your life that you will never see that person in your life again. I learned that fact by the time we were on our fourth move. Therefore it was always very hard for me to say goodbye to people because they thought that they would still get to see me all the time, and I knew what was really going to happen. Children don’t have the luxury of picking up the phone whenever they want to call long distance or to jump in the car and drive to go visit friends in another state. It was very hard to leave a place that you had just learned to love. The main reason I think that this is such an important quality is because of the fact that without it, it is very possible to not be able to cope with the up’s and downs emotionally of moving.

The hardest part of moving for me to cope with was the day that moving truck would get there and I would see them taking all of my stuff and putting it in boxes, and packing them into the truck. At the end of the day when the whole house that I used to call my home was completely empty, I would normally start to bawl my eyes out because it looked so empty, and I didn’t want to leave my home. Maybe that’s why still to this day I don’t know where home is. When you move so much you get de-sensitized to all the little things like making friends and actually keeping them for longer than a year, or not having lived in one place your whole life. I have many memories all around the world, and they will always stay with me.

I will always remember my best friends who I have lost, and I will always remember the houses I lived in and the way each of them smelled different and looked different.There are many ways in which courage can help you in your life. I believe that when you move though, one of the most important qualities you can have and need to find in yourself is courage. It can help you in many different aspects of moving such as the emotional, the social, and the mental aspects.Bibliography:

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