Stress could also be depending upon our behavior

Stress could also be depending upon our behavior

Stress could also be depending upon our behavior. It means sometime our behavior about work could also cause stress if we over scheduling our workload and not careful about physical health and failed to maintain the health. Stress and threats varies from person to person it depends heavily based on their past life experiences. Some people may start to feel negative with very little of unfavorable aspect and situation and others who are very strong and secure background may not fell stress as much in same situations and conditions and working loads.
There is another focus group which says stress itself is not a problem but problem is how we handle stress. If we are not handling it well then it well cause problems otherwise it won’t cause any problem. And if we will not handle it properly it will seriously affect our behavior and thoughts (Centre 2010). These are also some common impacts of stress upon human behavior and thoughts. They show anger, feel depression, having problem in memorizing things, got irritate even with no reason and start to feel sad. Stress also changes their behavior some times. People start to eat too much or too little due to stress, some starts to taking drugs or smoking because they feel it will give them relaxation.


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