Spanish other’s way of life, which resulted in

Spanish other’s way of life, which resulted in

Spanish Conquest The story of the Spanish conquest over the native peoples of the Americas began in 1492, the Spaniards came from Europe to the Americas in hope of gaining wealth and increasing their social status. The Spaniards who were in the Americas were supposed to be spreading the word of Christianity, but often found the lure of gold and money from encomiendas, but also this conquest effected the Aztec and the Inca Empires. The Aztecs, part of modern day Mexico, were once the epitome of fine culture.They began their rule of southern and central Mexico during the 14th century and practiced an incredibly wealthy lifestyle.

They had powerful families married their children together so that could form alliance with one another in their important cities. Nonetheless, this rule began to deteriorate when Spanish explorers disembarked at Tabasco and Vera Cruz on April 21st 1519. When the Spanish voyagers first arrived, they were welcomed warmly, respectfully and received Godlike treatment. Montezuma, the ruler at that time, believed that the Spanish military leader, Hernan Cortes, was the great god Quetzalcoatl.The Spanish took advantage of this Aztec belief they entered the “Royal House” put Moctezuma under there watch and he was unable to depart and they conquered Mexico within two years. By 1521, the Aztec culture was officially eradicated and a new culture, consisting of a combination of Aztec and Spanish elements, emerged. Hence, the Aztecs and the Spanish acclimatized to each other’s way of life, which resulted in significant changes in both cultures.

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Although the original system of government was kept, a new concept of hierarchy was implemented. The conquest allowed for both cultures to adopt new foods, animals and linguistics.Christianity however, became a stipulation and the very foundation of the way of life in Mexico. Government is one of the most significant elements required to create a truly organized civilization. Consequently, the government is the first to change when another nation attempts to overthrow society.

This however, was not the case for the Aztecs even after the empire was conquered by the Spanish. The government system that was originally adopted by the Aztecs was preserved, although the Spanish did make some minute changes to the system. Hernan Cortes, when asked, denied King Charles V of Spain authority to form an Aztec government imilar to that of Spain. Instead, Cortes allowed the Aztecs to continue with their encomienda government system, as it was based on tribute towards the nobles. The Conquest of the Inca Empire was the most important campaigns in the Spanish colonization of America. After year of preliminary exploration,Spanish soldiers under Francisco Pizarro and their native allies.

In 1528, Spanish arrives at border of Inca Empire the empire spanned a considerable distance. Unlike the European the Incas still lived in secret time. In 1532, Pizarro returned to Peru with small private army.The roads of Inca Empire stretched 3000 miles from Chile to Ecuador and it led to Inca himself town of Cajamarca.

Pizarro traveled south of the Inca royal road 1000 miles to the capital of Inca Empire “Cuzco”. On November 15, 1533, the Spaniard reached Cuzco. Cuzco is the richest town in Indies. Founded by first Inca and re-founded in 1533 by Francisco Pizarro. Mango semen his leader to secret meeting which it took place in Inca Sun Temple and it still stand today in inside of Cuzco Church.

Mango words were recorded by his son Titucusi. Mango line up has retreat led him to remote jungle hideaway at Vilcabamba the lost city of Incas.Gonzalo took 300 conquistadors more than his brother has led to kaiamaka.

Like old mafia family, Pizarro has made better enemies in a scene from a god father old Francisco discovered and concurred of Peru was murdered by son of his first business partner. Mango meanwhile has made his new capital place called vitcass. When the last Inca is dead, the people weary of resentence and take our part, but the conquest not over yet. This shows how the Spanish conquest had a great impact on the Aztec empire as well as the Inca Empire in some similar ways and some differences.

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