‘Socialization’ refers to the adjustment of individual acceptance of organizational rules and culture

‘Socialization’ refers to the adjustment of individual acceptance of organizational rules and culture

‘Socialization’ refers to the adjustment of individual acceptance of organizational rules and culture. Teacher socialization refers to the influential processes of professional rules, teacher culture, and school environment on teachers in professional groups (Deng, & Yuen, 2011; Killeavy & Moloney, 2010. The process of socialization is mutually connected with education process. Education is a systematic effort made by society to convey knowledge, values, attitudes and skills to its members. Socialization is a general concept that can be defined as a process whereby we learn through interactions with others about how to think, feel and act.According to Kamus Dewan Bahasa Pustaka it refers the process of educating someone to adapt to the atmosphere, attitudes, values and norms that are acceptable in society. According to Ishak Ramly (2005), socialization is a process of teaching children with good and perfect social values such as the application of pure values of Malaysian society to all school children. This is done formally and planned through the teaching and learning process.

Socialization aims to develop the ability of a child in life to communicate effectively. In addition, it also provides the skills needed by a person who has a task in society. This socialization process can instill trustworthy values to someone who has a task in society. Proper socialization can shape a person’s superior personality. Teachers as socialization agents in schools will be important people and medium of socialization to recognize and develop self-characteristics (talent, interest and ability), preserve culture, stimulate the role of democracy through teaching skills and development of critical, creative, rational and objective thinking capabilities, and to develop ability to adjust children

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Teachers are among the most influential socialization agents in which teachers play a key role in shaping self-concept, personality and personality – perfect pupils in line with the will of the community. This is a great education for delivering culture and part of the teaching function is to give birth to cultural values. With the process of socializing a student is a task that needs to be done with a sense of responsibility. Teachers play some important role as social agents during teaching and learning sessions. Among them are responsible for


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