Since only few people knew about indie music

Since only few people knew about indie music

Since only few people knew about indie music, are you familiar with this genre? In Urban Dictionary, indie music is simple, well-textured, and powerfully emotional when it comes to lyrics. Did you know that there are lots of indie bands and solo artists here in Philippines that are known by few people? Given are Reese Lansangan, Clara Benin, Rusty Machines, Hey! It’s Your Birthday, Ben;Ben (formerly The Benjamins), Jessica Connelly and many more. If you want to explore more of their music, just search them on YouTube. But mostly songs of these indie bands are only found in their Soundcloud account.
As of now, it is a good thing that indie music is now having their spotlight at some time to be known, especially some of these songs from the said genre is starred in films. Like Reese Lansangan’s “Home”, which is one of the OSTs of the movie “Siargao”. Another is Clara Benin’s “Araw’t Gabi” that is used in an indie film entitled “Red”. Although not all songs from indie music are fortunate to be used in films, there are still some that still emerged because of its “masakit sa damdamin” lyrics. Like Ben;Ben’s “Kathang Isip” in which the lyrics talks about all of the man’s ‘akala’ that he has a chance with the woman he admires. But ends up that all of his thoughts are illusions only because the woman’s actions just gave him false hopes (in other words, PAASA).
Indie music is still left unrecognized by the majority but it doesn’t mean that this genre is not dead. As long as there are people who still listens to this, it is still thriving and this aesthetic genre will be discovered and listened sooner or later by many people.


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