Evocative with his ill-fated love for Hatsue

Evocative with his ill-fated love for Hatsue

Evocative and extremely well written, this book lets the mind soar throughout all different types of drama. The fictional world the write has created is so realistic that the atmosphere is unmistakably recognized.

Including history and romance, this incredibly written book satisfies the reader in ways no book can. The primary pleasure of the book is David Guterson’s interpretation of the diverse characters and the beautiful places. Set on an island in the straits north of Puget Sound the plot is mainly concering a murder trial. Because it is set in the 1950’s, haunting memories of World War II, internment camps, racism, and segregation helps fuel suspicion of a Japanese-American fisherman who finds himself on trial for murder of a fellow fisherman. The suffering of the Japanese is so clearly and distinctivcely portrayed, it’s impossible to not imagine the event. Miyamoto, the accused man fights the distrust and prejudice of his neighbors on this remote island. The histories of the accused and the victim, both fishermen and residents of the small town of San Piedro, unravel as local journalist Ishmael Chambers, lonely and war-scarred, strives for inner strength, while coming to terms with his ill-fated love for Hatsue Miyamoto, the wife of the accused.

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The details of this forbidden love between an American boy and a Japanese girl make this book even more intriguing. Mystery, suspense, romance, and history all tied in together makes this book hard to let down. The trial with the flashbacks of what really happened makes it a hooking page-turner. David Guterson describes the prejudcie the Japanese experienced during WWII extremely vividly and clearly.

This book is excellent for someone who wants to read a book unlike any other. Snow Falling on Cedars is definitely a powerful and breathe-taking book.

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