Differentiate lungs to stay slightly inflated even

Differentiate lungs to stay slightly inflated even

Differentiate between atmospheric pressure, intrapulmonary pressure, and intrapleural pressure.. Atmospheric pressure is the pressure exerted on us on the earth due to the weight of air molecules. Humans are not overwhelmed with this because of Intrapulmonary pressure, the pressure within our lungs. Intrapulmonary pressure causes our lungs to stay slightly inflated even after we exhale. Intrapleural pressure is the pressure on our pleura.

This is negative in all people, even if your healthy. If intrapleural pressure becomes equal to atmospheric pressure, this will cause atelecatasis. How is Alveolar gas exchange affected by emphysema and pneumonia? Emphysema is a respitory disorder that affects the avioli.

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The avioli are sacs of epithelial tissue located in the ends of the bronchi tubes. These sacs are the site of gas exchange . When emphysema occurs, these sacs rupture and leave them unusable.

Pneumonia, on the other hand, affects the avioli in a different way. When the sacs become filled with fluid from the bacterial infection, gas cannot diffuse from the avioli to the blood. This usually means that you must try harder to take a breath.

Jane had been suffering through a severe cold and was complaining of a frontal headache and a dull, aching pain at the side of her face. What regions are likely to become sites of secondary infection following her nasal infection?Jane is suffering from a severe nasal infection. The inflammation of her sinuses are what is causing her frontal headache and facial pain.

The regions where the pain is coming from are where the sinuses are located. If the sinuses remain blocked for a long time, a secondary infection may result. This secondary infection is caused by bacteria, which are normally present within the respiratory tract. These bacteria multiply and cause a secondary infection in the paranasal sinuses.

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