New there are three advantages that it has:

New there are three advantages that it has:

New technology has changed our way of life more than ever.

Since the industrial revolution in the 18th to 19th century, many new inventions have been produced to facilitate our living. One of them was the mobile phone. When the first one was launched in 1973 by a company called Motorola, a new lifestyle with many new attributes has been established. What are the benefits that it has brought to us? In my opinion, there are three advantages that it has: communication, entertainment, and providing benefits. The first important one is global communication. Cell phone allows us to communicate with our family and friends no matter where they are.

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Imagine a situation when you are on a holiday in Hawaii, and you urgently need to talk to your family or just miss them, you can simply dial their numbers to your phone. In a flash you will hear your family’s voice. It is really convenience to do. In addition, it lets business people, salespeople, and people who travel a lot do their businesses better and easier. A typical example is they can contact with their clients to set up a meeting in just a few seconds.

This improves their business efficiently. In short, mobile phone can make the world smaller because we can talk to each other despite the place we are at.Cell phone is also an entertainer. Obviously, we use phone to contact each other, but in recent year mobile phone has become more than just a communicating device.

It has become an entertainer by having many features like playing music and video, surfing the web, and playing games. Moreover, the mobile phone is usually so small that you can take it anywhere with you. So whenever you feel bored when you wait for someone, cell phone is great friend be with. Finally, selling mobile phone could give you a fortune. There are many phone manufacturer companies that try their best to compete for the market.Take Apple Inc. as an example.

This company is very well known for their very popular product called the Iphone. This company gradually made about $14 billion by selling Iphone4 around the world since it was first launched. So it is clear that you could really earn a lot of money from selling the mobile phone. In summary, communication, entertainment, and providing benefits are all the advantages of the cell phone.

I personally think that these advantages will keep getting better and better because cell phone gain its fame faster than any other electronic devices around the world

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