Recently production of grain has increased all over the world

Recently production of grain has increased all over the world

Recently production of grain has increased all over the world, as the grain is the main consumer product for human and inflects economy. Because, grain production is the major part of the economic and social progress. A grain stored accurately must be proportionate to a grain produced. During the storage, significantly losses occur in qualitative and quantitative due to many causes, such as environmental factors (temp, moisture in grains, pH, humidity, etc), type of storage structure, purpose of storage, techniques of storing grains, and biological factors (microorganisms, insects, pests, and rodents). Nowadays, using the improved methods grains are stored, such as in bags, silos, sheds, containers and even in piles on the ground managed as man-made ecosystems. Commonly, there are two approaches used for grain storage: long-term storage methods and temporary storage. Under long term storage methods, storage baskets (cribs) made entirely of plant materials, calabashes, gourds, earthenware pots, jars, solid wall bins, and underground storage can be used and on the other side under temporary storage, aerial storage, storage on the ground or on drying floors and open timber platforms which is normally performed at farm level, are followed. Modern, warehouses are scientific storage designed especially made for the protection of the quantity and quality of stored commodities. Under bulk storage, aeration and sealing play an significant role. Aeration may be ambient or refrigerated depend on base of the requirement. Thus, improved storage structures and scientific storage of grains in the form of warehouses are the needs of the hour to toughen traditional means of storage with modern inputs and to provide cheaper storage facility to farmers as well as to avoids enormous storage losses. As traditional or modern, there are five main techniques for the storage of cereals, i.e., bulk storage, storage in underground pit, storage in sack, storage in warehouse and storage in silo. Each has many benefits and drawback during storage period of grains.


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