The scene. These items can include carpet fibers,

The scene. These items can include carpet fibers,

The criminal justice system has changed a lot since the good old days of the Wild West when pretty much anything was legal. Criminals were dealt with in any fashion the law enforcement saw fit. The science of catching criminals has evolved since these days. We are better at catching criminals than ever and we owe this advancement to forensic science. The development of forensic science has given us the important techniques of fingerprinting and DNA analysis.

We can use these techniques to catch criminals, prove people’s innocence, and keep track of inmates after they have been paroled. There are many different ways of solving crimes using forensic evidence. One of these ways is using blood spatter analysis; this is where the distribution and pattern of bloodstains is studied to find the nature of the event that caused the blood spatter. Many things go into the determination of the cause including: the effects of various types of physical forces on blood, the interaction between blood and the surfaces on which it falls, the location of the person shedding the blood, the location and actions of the assailant, and the movement of them both during the incident. Another common type of forensic evidence is trace evidence. This is commonly recovered from any number of items at a crime scene. These items can include carpet fibers, clothing fibers, or hair found in or around the crime scene.

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Hairs recovered from crime scenes can be used as an important source of DNA. Examination of material recovered from a victim’s or suspect’s clothing can allow association to be made between the victim and other people, places, or things involved in the investigation. DNA analysis is the most important part of forensic science. DNA evidence can come in many forms at the crime scene. Some of these forms include hair; bodily fluids recovered at the crime scene or on the victim’s body, skin under the victim’s fingernails, blood, and many others. This DNA can be the basis of someone’s guilt or innocence; it has decided many cases in the twentieth century.

As the times continue to change and the criminals get smarter we will always need to find new ways to catch them. Forensic science is the most advanced method yet, but is only the beginning. As the field of science grows so will the abilities of the criminal justice system to judge and punish criminals. Reference Fast search Internet : American Academy of Forensic Sciences Zes’s Forensic Site Crim 110 textbook Bibliography:

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