Reading for Pleasure I recently read a book named “HOLD MY HAND”

Reading for Pleasure I recently read a book named “HOLD MY HAND”

Reading for Pleasure
I recently read a book named “HOLD MY HAND”. It is written by an Indian Author named Durjoy Dutta. This novel is a delightful young romance with a surprise ending. It portrays the love story of a nerd boy and a blind girl. The story travels from India to Hong Kong. The hero of the story, Deep is an awkward young man obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he is sent to Honk Kong on an internship programme. Leaving behind jealous but encouraging friends, a supportive father and a hysterical, overprotective mother, Deep makes his first flight to a foreign land. There in Hong Kong, Deep sees Ahana, The heroine of the story, a stunningly beautiful girl. But Deep also has to come to terms with another reality, Ahana is blind. Together they explore Hong Kong, Ahana guiding them with the smells and sounds of the wondrous city and Deep bringing to life for her delightful sights he sees. They are living their dream, till Aveek, Ahana’s handsome ex- boyfriend, comes back into her life. Then the story travels further.
Let me summarise the story. Deep, a nerd boy, of his college Is so into books and libraries. He goes to Hong Kong to fulfill his dream, there he meets Ahana, at his hotel and he is attracted towards her at the first sight, later he comes to face the bitter truth that Ahana is blind. They become friends and they both roam around the whole Hong Kong with each other, though Deep is afraid of Ahana’s dad, A retired Air-force officer. One day, while sightseeing, Ahana and Deep bump into Ahana’s ex-boyfriend, Aveek, then after some week, Deep falls in love with Ahana, Deep remains without revealing his heart to her, due to the fear of being rejected, Meanwhile Ahana, who too has fallen in love, waits for Deep to propose. As his internship program gets over, Deep returns back to India and tells his friends about her. They are happy for him. Then three months pass by, Ahana comes to India to meet Deep and she got her eye nerves operated and started to see the world and her world- Deep. Then she comes to know that Deep has written a book of their Hong Kong journeys with his love story in it.

I personally liked the story. Though it was dry at starting, it made the reader to feel interested in the middle and at the end. When they tell about the places where these two roamed, it seemed like a travelogue. I was wondering how much Deep loved Ahana, even though she was blind, the author has brought the characters to life through his narration. On the whole the story was nice and the author had ended the novel in a very delightful way. As per the title, The whole story travels for Ahana, by holding Deep’s hand.

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