RADICAL checked herself into a rehab facility

RADICAL checked herself into a rehab facility

RADICAL FEMINISM: THE KISS OF DEATH By Marsha West February 9, 2007 NewsWithViews. com Daughters and granddaughters of the women who started the sexual revolution of the 60s have tossed aside what remained of sexual taboos. Gloria Steinam must be tickled pink. Just check out what’s going on with the younger generation and you’ll get the picture.

Only the picture is not a pretty one. The “great strides” made by the feminist movement have been lost on young celebrities. Britney Spears has been spotted frequenting nightspots with actress Lindsay Lohan and heiress Paris Hilton.

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Spears made headlines when the paparazzi photographed her pantyless, climbing out of a car. Now Hilton’s being blasted for making anti-gay and racist remarks. Twenty-year old Lohan checked herself into a rehab facility for drug and alcohol abuse. Is it any wonder that Spears and Hilton were voted the “worst celebrity role models? ” Feminists are furious at the fearsome threesome. “A great promise was contained in the moment when Madonna kissed Britney at the MTV Awards,” crowed feminist Camille Paglia. “She in a sense was saying, ‘I’m passing the torch to you.

‘ It was a fabulous moment.Britney looked toned, in control of her career and it was up to her to take the next step. Literally, from that kiss, from that moment onward, Britney has spiraled out of control. It’s like Madonna gave her the kiss of death! ” Radical feminism, not Madonna, has given women the kiss of death. As a result of the feminist movement there are no gender-based role differences in many marriages.

Wives wear the pants in the family, husbands show little or no leadership and are often wimps, and children are unmanageable. Is this what God intended for the family? No. The Bible teaches that the husband is to lead, provide for, and protect his family.The wife is to help her husband by managing the household and taking care of the children. Children are to be raised with discipline and love.

That’s God’s way. Today’s children are train wreck. They’re undisciplined, disrespectful and, frankly, as lazy as a Sunday morning. Sadly, this is the rule not the exception. Obviously something has gone terribly awry. Distinctions in masculine and feminine roles, ordained by God as part of the created order, have been blurred.

Men have become un-masculine, thus unattractive to women; women have become un-feminine, thus unattractive to men.Granted, some women have a feminine appearance. But don’t let that fool you. In the blink of an eye females spew obscenities that would make a bull rider blush. “Every generation of teenagers has its way of out-shocking and out-sexing the previous group of young people, and in that sense teens who own the middle- and high-school hallways today are no different. But for the most marked changes in this generation, turn your eye toward the girls. “1 Which brings me to the latest trend among teenage girls.

I’m not talking about body piercing, tattoos or electric pink and green hair fashions.I’m talkin’ street fights. I’m talkin’ knock down drag out hair pulling fisticuffs caught on cell phones and distributed on the Internet. (Watching girls’ exchange body blows is not recommended for the feint of heart.

) Standers by, both male and female, fervently root for their favorite girl to win. Most self-respecting females would find it humiliating to have their bruised and battered faces plastered all over the Internet. Oh contraire! Today’s girls think it’s cool to kick butt.

(Note: American wrestling TV network, WWE, is the second most searched for item on Yahoo!. Win or lose, many girls enjoy the spotlight, even when they look the fool. Miss USA recently experienced a barrage of media coverage, not to identify her accomplishments, but to expose the beauty queen’s drug use, underage drinking and sexual misconduct.

Tara Conner checked into rehab to save face – and to retained her tarnished crown. Radical feminists are wringing their hands over Tara. Another trend among the younger generation is “freaking. ” At student dances all across America (including middle schools) kids are dirty dancing. Teens are simulating sex to the beat of the music, usually with, but not limited to, a partner.Young people’s creative minds have come up with expressions like “dog dancing,” “lap dancing,” doing “the grind,” “the nasty,” and “the wax.

” I won’t explain. Use your imagination. This sort of tawdry teenage conduct spooks some administrators.

The principal of Manuel High School, Beverly Keepers, witnessed teens doing the nasty and had the good sense to turn up the lights. Soon chaperones were moving through the crowd, separating couples. “Nothing seemed to calm them down,” Keepers said.

“It’s difficult when you have 800 students to tap every one on the shoulder when they’re dancing inappropriately. Tapping 800 students on the shoulder would be exhausting! But the chaperones pressed on. Keepers complained that they saw it everywhere on the dance floor.

“It looked like they were having sex, only with their clothes on, and sometimes the clothes were pretty revealing. To me, a public school should not allow that to happen. “2 To me, the principal’s reaction is surprising in light of the fact that a component of the secular progressive (SP) agenda for government schools is to teach sex education in kindergarten.

That’s right. Sex Ed beginning in kindergarten.Liberals also plan to introduce students to sexual orientation and transgenderism in grades 8 and 10 (or younger if they can get away with it). SP’s approve of youngsters learning about sex at the tender age of 5, yet they’re mortified when teens simulate sex acts in high school gymnasiums on prom night? “The trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion,” said Pope Benedict the XVI in a recent speech. The pope called upon the media, parents, Catholic parishes and schools to work to expose children to what is “aesthetically and morally excellent” and to help them acquire “skills of discernment. The feminist movement has certainly done its fair share to corrupt the younger generation.

Hollywood is partly responsible for the decadent behavior of our youth. Liberal educators also play a role. But the bulk of the blame goes to parents for not doing their part to protect their children from indecency. One of a parent’s primary responsibilities is to instill moral values. It’s Mom and Dad’s job to teach their kids right from wrong. Which begs the question, “Why do so many parents trust liberals to educate their kids? ” Children are on loan from God.He commands Mom and Dad to “Train a child in the way he should go,” because “when he is old he will not turn from it” (Prov.

22:6). Parents have dropped the proverbial ball and it’s rolling downhill at a rapid clip. Case in point. Homosexuality is being wrapped in a pretty package and presented to youngsters as same-sex couples “loving” each other.

Parents sit idly by while SP’s work their wiles to persuade vulnerable children that “men loving men” and “women loving women” is normal and natural. It’s not. Same-sex sex goes against nature. It’s a sexual perversion.At this point in time liberals are winning the culture war. In an interview with Rachel Davis, 13-year-old Kalli Kearney from Darnell-Cookman Middle School said nonchalantly, “Girls make out with girls. They have boyfriends, but they make out with girls.

“3 Sadly, girls making out with girls has become commonplace. Hooking up with someone for sex is also commonplace. According to Deborah Tolman, director of the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, “When I listen to girls talking . .

. what I still hear is that girls want relationships, but they’ve taken that wish underground.The options available to girls have become — hooking up’ and ‘friends with benefits’ friendships that are more than platonic. ” No doubt sexual freedom is a dream come true for radical feminists.

But it’s a nightmare for loving, sensible parents. Adolescents are having sex with no strings. They believe they’re using each other in a “good way. ” Unwanted pregnancy and acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, some of which they’ll live with for the rest of their lives, is not so good. But hey, they can cross that bridge when they come to it.

In the meantime, youngsters should live, love, laugh, and be happy!

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