One of the Royal Family,and in 1981, she

One of the Royal Family,and in 1981, she

One of the most loved and remembered women leaders of this century was Diana,Princess of Wales.After she came into the public’s life by marrying into the British Royalfamily, and leaving it ten years later, shedecided her life to helping the unfortunate victims of land mines, AIDS,cancer, cerebral palsy and many others.

These are the things she will be mostly remembered for.By looking at the story of Diana’s life, you can see it is a somewhat tragicending. Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England.

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There, she liveda happy first of her life. Later, she met Prince Charles of the Royal Family,and in 1981, she married him. Throughout their marriage, they had problems, andthough Diana loved Charles, some of the other British royals disapproved of herlifestyle, saying she acted more like a movie star than a princess. She andCharles bore two sons.

Soon, they realized their marriage wouldn’t last, so theybroke it off. Even though she was not a British Royal any longer, she still hada celebrity’s image, and she used that to her advantage. For the rest of hershort life, she fought for aid in helping the sick and injured, and peoplenoticed what she was doing because of her popularity.

I believe that Princess Diana was a very important person in our history,because of what she did. She could have decided to just become a celebrity andstay in the limelight, but instead she focused her time on helping others, whichis not something every celebrity would do. Someone else might say that PrincessDiana shouldn’t be considered a role model or anyone important from thiscentury; because she was just a poor girl who’s marriage didn’t work out and wasfollowed by the Paparazzi until the day she died. To that, I say that maybe shewas someone whose marriage brought her fame, and when it ended, the media didfollow her, but she used her fame to promote giving aid to those in need. Shewas a true leader because she was devoted to helping others, a respectedindividual, she inspired others to help too, she was confident and courageous inher ways, and all she lived for was to serve others.

Diana’s one wish foreveryone was to serve the common good so that everyone working together wouldhelp the whole community to be better in the end. This was her whole purpose.In mine and many otherss eyes, Diana is seen as a true modern-day angel ofher own kind. And even though her life ended tragically in a car crash on August31, 1997, before she died she had made it her life’s commitment to serve others.Precisely that, more than anything else, is what she will be forever rememberedfor, and that is why she will be known as a great leader.Category: Biographies

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