Earl Earl Spencer’s values in relation to his

Earl Earl Spencer’s values in relation to his

Earl Spencer Speech analysis Earl Spencer incorporates a triadic structure in the introduction of his speech “a family in grief, in a country in morning, before a world in shock. ” The use of this device creates a matryoshka principle, by which each statement is eluded by a bigger statement, from “family” to “world” – emphasizing Earl Spencer’s attitude towards Diana’s importance and legacy, within a variety of environments.Earl Spencer’s attitude towards Diana is reflected within his description of her, he integrates a semantic field of admiration: “selfless humanity” “beauty” “essence of compassion”, this complimentary lexis communicates to the audience, his love for his sister and a general reasoning for the presumed worldwide adoration for her also.

Earl Spencer also uses ironic symbolism within his speech: “a girl given the name of an ancient goddess of hunting” – referring to Diana’s name.For if referencing a goddess of hunting in relation to Diana’s name, it would be expected that it would relate also to her nature symbolically. However, the end of the sentence, “.

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.. was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age” reveals the irony of her name. Earl Spencer uses 2nd person direct language: “like you” “I know you would”, this is presumably directed at Diana, creating a personal register. Given the context of speaking at her, his sister’s funeral, it would perhaps be conventional and a way of still feeling connected to Diana – a comfort during grief.

Earl Spencer’s values in relation to his attitudes towards Diana become evident in his language “a standard-bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden”, he therefore, within his values, endorses the idea of philanthropy and helping the poor and consequently respects his sister for doing so. The alliteration of “natural nobility”, when talking about Diana, is complimentary of her as a person and as a device helps to emphasise his point.Earl Spencer’s attitude towards the media is evident in his lexical choices: “her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media” the antagonistic verb “sneered” reflects Earl Spencer’s perception of the tabloid press and their critical press coverage of his sister, Diana. This is supported by the short sentence “It is baffling. ” – the short and imminent nature of that sentence would stand out to his audience, perhaps relating to their opinions on the matter of the Diana’s media identity. Earl Spencer’s attitude towards the oyal family is evident in his use of the pronoun “blood” when referring to family, “I pledge that we, your blood family.

.. ” By using that pronoun it explicitly disregards the royal family as ‘family’. Earl Spencer’s opinion of the royal family is represented in his speech: “so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition” this belittling lexis in regards to the nature of being a royal, expresses Earl Spencer’s ideas of royalty and the mere basic skills it provides to be a good, rounded person.

Earl Spencer’s attitude towards the nation is one of respect and appreciation. This is evident in his language in regards to their tributes and engaging in the service through watching it: “It is a more remarkable tribute than I can ever help to offer her today. ” The formal register and commendatory lexis communicates his respect towards the people of the nation listening and watching, all of which are mourning the death of Diana as he is.

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