Case market with a standardproduct/service) Questions include:

Case market with a standardproduct/service) Questions include:

Case Format (3 steps) List headings on PPT slides.1) Intro/Background information (We want to be very detailed for ourlisteners. First, who are they–what do they do? What is their history?Then include A, B, C in Intro slides.A) Rivalry Competitive Rivalry the firm competes in isStrong/Average/Weak? Who are competitors? Is it a Fragmented Industry(Many rivals w/o market dominance) or Concentrated Industry (Dominated by afew large companies)? Other Reasons for Rivalry to bestrong/average/weak??? Describe the primary competitive weapons rivals useto compete in this industry? What are the Substitutes? Threat of new entryis strong/average/weak? Key Suppliers are who? Bargaining power of thosekey suppliers is strong/average/weak? Who are the Buyers/end users? Who arethe Retailers/Distributors?B) Driving Change Forces What are 3-5 industry driving forces that couldalter the whole industry? Positive or Negative? Example—Weather playing apart, big competitors jumping into the game? New taste trends drivingindustry, new technologies-internet sales?C) Company strategy is what? Pick only one! Options are: A) BroadDifferentiation (targeting a broad market with a highly differentiatedproduct/service) Questions include: Describe the broad market buyers,describe the unique product features.

Focused Differentiation (targeting aniche market with a highly differentiated product/service) Questionsinclude: describe the buyer niche, describe unique product features.Focused low -cost (targeting a niche market with a standardproduct/service) Questions include: describe the buyer niche, describe thelow-cost strategies. Low-Cost Leadership (offering a standard product withlow cost production–not necessarily low price- Questions include: describelow-cost strategies.

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Best-Cost Leadership (produce a high value product atlower cost than rivals-Questions include: List the high-value features.Finally– We must list the problematic decision we are facing. That is,what’s the problem- don’t have to answer until recommendation part.

2) SWOT analysis (rate each point as H (high), M (medium), L (low)–forimportance! (Worked great for last presenters!)3) Recommendations (List 3 Options we recommend) Each Option should includea Positive and a Negative)I believe this framework is straightforward, simple, detailed, and is whatthe instructor is looking for. If anyone has anything they want to add–letme know–otherwise let’s use this template.

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