Pradosh C

Pradosh C

Pradosh C. Mitter, also well known as Feluda was a private investigator who resided in Calcutta was a man who had a remarkable power of deduction and could grasp onto things very quickly. Feluda was an avid reader and a man of interest. A lot of things intrigued him; in this short story, ‘Gold coins of Jehangir’ his current passion was researching about primitive man, where he visited the museum five times, thrice to the National Library and once to the zoo, what you could notice from this is that he is someone who gave his undivided attention to anything that intrigued him. It had been a while since Feluda had taken up a case, with reference to when he got the offer to work on a case in Panihati, he immediately took it up as he was someone who would take any opportunity to leave Calcutta for a few days. Feluda was someone who knew what he was doing, hence, was in charge most of the time. He was a dedicated individual, for example, in the event that he ever took up a case he would give it his all. When he was told to play the role of someone who was going to write a biography on Mr. Chowdhury’s grandfather, Banwarilal Chowdhury when he came to visit Panihati, he didn’t refuse to just because it wasn’t his idea. This also shows that he wasn’t a biased person and at all times took thought of questions asked by his fellow accomplices. Every step and accusation he made was very thought through.


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