Pete 7 year old Pete to play more

Pete 7 year old Pete to play more

Pete SamprasPete Sampras was born on August 12th, 1971 in Washington, D.C, the third son of Greek immigrants, Sam and Georgia Sampras. From an early age, Pete showed signs of outstanding athletic ability. The young Pete discovered a tennis racquet in the basement and spent hours hitting balls against the wall. In 1978, the Sampras family moved to Palos Verdes, California, and the warmer climate there allowed 7 year old Pete to play more tennis.The Sampras family joined the Peninsula Racquet Club, where they played a great deal of tennis together.

It was here that Pete’s ability became apparent. At the age of 11 he had already learned the solid serve and volley tactic that has become the hallmark of his game. Pete entered the professional game in 1988 as a 16-year old qualifier and had a game that was considered ‘dangerous’ by fellow competitors. During the 2 years that it took Pete to reach the World Top 10 he defeated several of the great tennis legends.

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In 1990 he won his first Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open. Along the way he defeated Andre Agassi, Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe with his dominating serve. At only 19 years 28 days, Pete Sampras was the youngest tennis player ever to win the U.

S. Open Men’s title. In 1991 Pete Sampras won the IBM World Championship and in 1992 he played on the U.S. team that won back the Davis Cup.

His relaxed and friendly attitude made him an excellent team player, but it was in the singles game that he began to dominate. Pete set a new ATP Tour record in 1993 when he became the first player to serve over 1000 aces in a season. This feat helped him to win both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, and gained him his ‘Pistol Pete’ nickname. At the time of writing, Pete Sampras has won: 2 Australian Open titles (1994, 1997)4 U.

S. Open titles (1990, 1993, 1995-96)7 Wimbledon titles (1993-95, 1997-2000)50 other titles Pete’s one weakness is playing on clay. This has come between him and the fourth Grand Slam, the French Open. Although he already commands almost universal respect, a win at Roland Garros would silence even the harshest of critics.

Sampras once said of himself: ‘I never wanted to be the great guy or the colorful guy or the interesting guy. I wanted to be the guy who won titles.’ Triple Wimbledon champion Boris Becker said: ‘He was always the most complete player. He has the power, he has the speed, he has the touch. He is the best player ever.

‘ At the 2002 Wimbledon Championships, Pete Sampras will aim to equal Bjorn Borg’s record 5 successive titles. Words/ Pages : 451 / 24

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