What Jimmy was a teenager his mother and

What Jimmy was a teenager his mother and

What is a hero? A hero is someone who has achieved many goals in their life; someone admired for his impressive exploits; or someone who shows tremendous courage.

A hero controls a great deal of power of authority, or strong influence over others. When people envision a hero, they usually think of a champion, a paragon, a conqueror, or a celebrity. Jimmy Connors represented all these qualities.

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He displayed power when he was on the tennis court, and he asserted his force off the court.Mr. Connors is a dominant, influential powerhouse.

A champion was born unknowingly on September 2, 1952. A child was born to rise above his comrades. He was born James Scott Connors after his father. From the time he was barely three years old, no one could tell that little Jimmy was going to be a champion.

Destined for glory his mother and grandmother knew that for Jimmy to be great he would have to work extremely hard. So everyday until Jimmy was a teenager his mother and grandmother would drill him with tennis balls, seeing early that he had tremendous talent. Small for his age, Jimmy had to make up for it somehow.

So while other children his age played with toys or watched T.V., Jimmy would be out on the tennis court working on his game.

Jimmy wanted to be the best. He knew that his success depended on his speed and his technique.Jimmy worked like a demon to make up for the difference. By age 8, Jimmy was skillful enough to enter into tournaments, and he made a good showing in them. Jimmy did not win his first tournament until he was in the ten-year-old competition.

The losses only gave him determination and the wins only gave humbleness. Jimmy Connors, a paragon of all sorts, had an unconquerable spirit. Jimmy knew that he had to be himself out on the tennis courts if he wanted to succeed. At times in Jimmy’s career, he was known as a spoiled brat for his cocky attitude. He was often called “mouth”. He had this spirit ever since he was a young boy. Being the smaller kid of his age group, he had to have something to hold onto.

Jimmy was only like this on the tennis court because he knew that he had total supremacy there. His power of spirit was so strong that when he was 39 years old, he battled to the semi-finals of the U.S. Open. At the age of 39, he was old enough to have retired 8 years before that. This shows that tremendous spirit for him to be so old and still come out in the top 4.It is safe to say that Jimmy Connors conquered the game of tennis with a lot of intensity.

Some of his biggest weapons were his two-handed backhand and the best service return in the game. It is difficult to say which was more instrumental in making Connors the champion he was. A conqueror is defined as someone that is a victor. Jimmy is most defiantly a conqueror then.

He could win on any surface that you could play tennis on. If you where to play on ice, Jimmy would find a way to win on that surface. Jimmy could use his powerful psychological warfare against players, officials, and fans.“Jimmy Connors vs.

the world” was his motto. Jimmy personality was dominant and this made him the perfect “sports hero”. Some people hated his game, he was tennis perfection. Jimmy Connors was a celebrity. His face was known by many. His antics were highlighted in sports and watched by thousands. Jimmy finally influenced the tennis world.

Jimmy Connors was a tennis machine. He was omnipotent. His accomplishments influenced all serious and genuine tennis players. His forceful personality and his powerful performance on the courts made him a popular hero.

For Jimmy a self-made champion, winning and attitude contributed to his to his title of “The King of the Courts”.Bibliography:

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