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In today’s environment many suffer illnesses from pollution, and second hand smoke, and they seek for cleaner air. About five years ago, the health department was successful in banning smoking in public places and smokers needed to go outside unless companies set-up a designated area for smoking. Now, in Pierce County, smoking is banned in all public places such as restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels and taverns.

This has caused an up roar with the business owners losing customers and money because of this ban. Within the health department satisfaction is in the environment because the workers will finally have working conditions that has clean air. This has caused many businesses to decide on closing the doors after feeling a little taste of the impact in January. Some business had lost a least 30 percent of cash profits because of customers going to tribal businesses that are not in affect of this ban order. The article mentions that the Tribal owner has discussed the fact of opening another casino to accommodate the overload of customers who smoke from the businesses who cannot have smoking in their facility. Many owners see the connection of drinking and smoking with customers, some say this goes hand and hand.

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If a customer that drinks and wants to smoke in any establishment will not need to take it outside away from the building, this can be very inconvenient for the customer. If the customer or business owner does not want to comply, a $100 fine will be slapped from the health department. Last week, a local tavern owner told their employees that its okay if you want your customers to smoke in here but if the health department comes than you, as the employee, will have to pay for the fine out of your own pocket.

Remind you that local bartenders at taverns do not get paid that on one shift, so they will be forcing their customers to take it outside. Many customers are not happy with the idea of not being able to smoke while enjoying their time playing pool, pull tabs, darts, watching the ball games and drinking. For years alcohol and smoking has been a common entertainment for many people within the community. Banning smoking in these establishments will not only cause profit loss with these companies but also within the tobacco, alcohol industry and the state.

Like anything else things trickle and many people are not understanding a lot of the tax money that comes from these sales pays for many things in the community. If we think we have a problem now within funding wait until the impact of this comes to the state, many things and places will be shutting down and won’t only be the so called sinful joints. As many people who are working in these establishments are seeking clean air and a better health, have pushed the issue of banning smoking within these establishments. Many will ask themselves, is time to quite smoking or where else can I go to enjoy myself? We need to really analyze a how much can the state have control over people and the business that are in the community. Is this a sign of to much control or just someone stepping up to keep the environment clean? Either way, the ban has created much heartache for businesses and employees within the profit level. The understanding of the need for this for the employees are quite clear but actually this will cause many to lose jobs, and tips because of no customers. For a decades smoking and drinking has been a common combination when visiting bars, taverns, and casinos.

Banning smoking in these establishments will create many businesses to shut the doors because of the lack of customers and profits coming in. This is quite a hurdle that these businesses will need to get through, especially after having to adjust for the low economy. The ban will be in effect until brought to the courts again, until then many customers, employees, and businesses will suffer.

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