Do after school sports.With any kids living in

Do after school sports.With any kids living in

Do you really feel like doing homework for hours every single night? Slaving away doing schoolwork when you just spent the whole day actually being at school? Kids live in messy houses and cant clean them if they have too much homework. These days, families are being torn apart because the kids are constantly cooped up in their rooms trying to finish their homework, and dont have time to ever talk to their family. Kids are constantly getting stressed out due to too much homework. Kids are not healthy because they have no time left over for sports.

I think that teachers should discontinue assigning homework because children need more time to do chores, they need more time to spend with their families, They dont like getting stressed out, and they have no time for after school sports.With any kids living in a house, it is granted that the house will get messy. Therefore cleaning up a house is the kids responsibility. However if the child is busy doing homework, they have no time to take care of their other responsibilities. They can possibly get in trouble from their parents by not cleaning the house, or they will eternally live in a huge mess.Children and their parents have bad relationships due to too much homework.

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They never have time to talk, so they dont understand each other. This is bad for the family as a whole. A family should always be there for each other, to support each other in a time of need. A child can not help support their family if they are too busy doing their teachers assignments. This creates a bad family life for the child.When a child gets stressed out, they cant concentrate on anything else.

They spend their mornings being at school, and their evenings doing schoolwork. That is an unreasonable amount of school. Thinking constantly is probably not that healthy.

Brains need time to relax once in a while. Children may even become so stressed out that they can not possibly do any more thinking. If their homework is not done when that happens, then they can not finish it and will receive a bad grade.Lastly, children have no time left over to play any after-school sports, therefore that results in an unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors recommend daily exercise.

The children with homework are too busy to pursue that need. That is extremely unhealthy . And because of homework, they cannot learn teamwork either, because playing team sports teaches teamwork . By sharing these points with you, I hope you realize how much valuable time is wasted because of homework.

It just wastes peoples lives and there is no real purpose to it. I mean, sure, it is educational and all, but thats what school is for. People need to save the rest of their lives for something a lot more meaningful.

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