Why do people kill eachother

Why do people kill eachother

Why do people kill eachother? Why are some so depressed they commit suicide? The career field that im interested in persuing is psychology. There are many reasons why i want to follow this career;The benefits, income, and mostly, I love to know how things work. Im currently a sophmore, and this is why a Psychologist would be the perfect job for me. Psychologist study the human mind and try to explain why they act the way they do.

For each Psychologist, the educational requirement varies from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate degree.An occupational psychologists salary usually varies from $53,000-$95,000 anually, depending on the degree and skill level. Many psychologist are self employed and are very flexible with the hours they work.

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Usually, Psychologists only work 40 hours per week, but many may work up to 50-60 hours per week. Although, many are flexible with there schedule, most travel frequently to attend confrences and meetings. Being a Psychologist, you have specific duties. Some could be, assessing psychological needs, providing treatment, taking notes, and performing expierements.These duties may be extremely stressful and in most cases, it usually is. Being a Psychologist is not all bad.

There are multiple benefits of persuing this career. First, you have paid vacation and sick days, which is beneficial because you dont have to worry about making up hours. You will have job security, which most work for about 10-15 years. Also, all Psychologist’s have health insurance, This is beneficial because health insurance premiums can be expensive, especially if you have to purchase them on your own.

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