Overview of brand decision making

Overview of brand decision making

Overview of brand decision making.
Before purchasing or renting a caravan there are types of decision making that would be undertaken by a consumer. Caravan is a non-permanent residential house that is usually rented for holidays by both local and foreigners to travel around Australia to travel cheaper and to go on a long road trips and explore Australia. Nevertheless, consumer who buys caravans (mainly an Australian citizen) bought caravans for pleasure and for leisure. However, some people also bought caravan because they think that caravan made a good investment such as renting out for other people or selling it in the future. Thus, caravan can be considered as both as low involvement products when renting it and high involvements products when buying it.
Information search : When renting a caravan consumer will mostly uses limited decision making process it similar with renting a car from a car rentals company because most people when they rent a caravan they do will not spend a lot of time to consider and to know about the products and there is no investment in renting a caravan so they just need a basic understanding about the product mainly through online and social medias. On the other hand, for buying or purchasing caravan is considered as an extensive high involvement product so consumer will most likely use the extensive decision making process. Why do caravans makes a good investment? 1st of all buying caravans allows you to sell and rent to a tourist or a local furthermore also when people buys caravan they are likely to use it on a holiday parks which offers them a hotel like facilities inside the holiday parks. Buying caravans is similar to both buying cars and home it requires a lot decision making and will need a lot of information about the specific caravan that they want they will also need multiple people involved in the decision making. In Australia most people will firstly go through an online media such as the manufacture website, news and article about the specific caravan, and they will also seek for advice from mostly families or friends.
Caravans Evaluation of Alternatives: After finding all the information through online, recommendation, advertisement and etc. then consumer would look at the different types of caravans that is being offered in Australia and also the brands . These are the top 7 types of caravans that are being sold in Australian markets.
1. Conventional Caravan: Conventional Caravans is the most popular and the most used caravan in Australia. It has featured 1 bed room or a living room and has couple more furniture such as sink, shower, air con, fridge, stove or ovens and many more.

2. Tent Trailer: Tent Trailer offers similar furniture and equipment’s to Conventional Caravans. The difference between them is that Tent Trailer are made to allows almost any small car to tow a caravan. Tent Trailers works just like a tent, it will require you to set up the caravans and pack down the stuff.

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3. Pop Top Caravans: Pop Top Caravans is similar to conventional caravan; However, it offers a pop up and pop down roof top not only to give more head room for people, but it also provides a wind resistance for when driving and it can fit in most garages.

4. Pop Out Caravans: Pop Out Caravans is like Pop Top Caravan, but it offers more room and spaces for a bigger or lager family.

5. Campers Trailer: Campers Trailer is similar to Tent Trailer, but it has a pop top roof and extendable tent berths at either end.

6. Fifth Wheelers: Fifth Wheelers is a large caravan that need to be towed by big cars such as trucks. It has a very big living space and rooms, but on the other hand due to the size of the caravans it may not go everywhere because some caravan park or camping parks does not allows such a big caravan to park in the parks.

7. Motor Homes: Motor Homes is the most convenient caravan out of all of these caravans. Motor Homes is not very big or maybe smaller than conventional caravans, but it does not require any type of car to tow since the caravans and the car comes together and it still offers some caravans equipment’s such as kitchens and living room.
Here are some list of caravans that are available in Australia
1. Universal Caravans: Universal brands focuses more on providing a bigger space.
2. Traveller Caravans: Obviously was made for traveller to travel a really far distance by featuring wind resistance and stronger caravan body.
3. Supreme Caravans: This company focuses more on the luxuries
4. Roma Caravans: Roma is the classic and the oldest caravan manufacturer, their aim is to meet the standard of a normal caravan.
5. Lotus Caravans: Lotus caravan only manufacture motor home caravans.
6. JB Caravans: JB focuses more on selling luxury caravans with affordable price.
7. Crusade Caravans: This company is known for building a family friendly caravan and large caravans.
8. Avida Caravans: Avida focuses more on the style of the caravan and the toughness.


Influence of brand decision making
Understanding the Influence on our consumer helps us to know more about our consumer behavior, there are two main categories that we will have to look at in order to understand how consumer get influenced to a brand or product. The first one is internal influence which looks at how consumer get influenced by their life style, by their personal knowledge, by personality, motives, emotion and attitude. External influenced on the other hand focuses on how consumer get influenced by social class, by their household, culture, society, reference group. (Quester, P& Garlin,F 2014)
External Influence or Psychological Influence in caravan industries.
1. Culture
To begin with, Culture is a This includes everything from the influence of individual thought processes, beliefs, law, language and behavior which was passed down through generations. When culture does not determine the nature of the frequency of a biological drive such as hunger or thirst, it affects if, when, and how this urge will satisfy. Culture has been one of the most important things that we need to understand in order to know more about the consumer behavior. (Quester, P& Garlin,F 2014)


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