Our personal values reflect who we are

Our personal values reflect who we are

Our personal values reflect who we are; it is the essence of who we are as a human being. It is important to comprehend and perceive our very own personal values since it will guide us to have a fulfilled life and to know who we truly are.

Values are developed in several ways, and mine have been developed though my upbringing, education, and experiences. All of these factors have led to my personal values being what they are today.

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The way I was raised plays a huge role in the development of my personal values. My parents thought me the importance of family and integrity. I grew up with a family that lives close together which made me a family-oriented person. My parents as well as my relatives made me realize how important a family is. They made me become aware of the fact that family will always be there throughout our life. This is a great thing, because it gives me security and comfort. I know that the decisions that I make in life will be guided by people that care about the outcome, and if things don’t work out they’ll be there to do whatever they can to help me. You never have to put on a front with your relatives; they will always accept you for who you are. Growing up, my parents also made sure that i am responsible for my actions and I stand for what I believe in. I value integrity because it manifests a person’s inner strength, honor, kindness, and truthfulness of one’s soul.

Education also has a strong impact on my personal values as well. Education enables you to question things and take stands on issues. It also provides you with knowledge to make your own opinion. Through my educational experiences I have learned that I value wisdom, it is fun to learn/discover new things. Personal enrichment is another value that has been developed through education. It made me realize that there is still much to learn about myself. In addition, wisdom and personal enrichment will make us a better person because learning and growing is one way a man can survive. Another reason why I value education is that my academic achievements makes my family proud and I made me feel that it is one way that I can compensate them for what they have done for me.

My experiences in life made me value memories. Memories only come in one set to each person; therefore, everyone must value their memory. I value my memory for it reminds me of the things and events that happen to me throughout my life. My memories are most valuable because without them I wouldn’t be able to be who I am today, for my knowledge of things depends on my memory. The best thing is that no one can take away another’s memory and it stays within the person itself forever. There would be no point in life if there was no memory for what would be the reason for continuing to live without a memory of people and things that are most precious to you. Precious moments that would never come again would always remain in the memory of the person. Precious memories are a great value to me in life for I depend on the many happy events that happen in my life to go through the tougher or sadder times of life. If I’m furious, or miserable, I would always think of the good times and that would make me elate.

In conclusion, my values are mainly the things that create me for what I am today. Family is indeed the most important, then education which I can be proud of, and memories are things that I would never trade for in my life and will keep them to myself or even share the memories with other people establishing more new memories. Life would be very different if I had no values, and I’m pretty sure it goes for everyone as well.


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