Its mother and it was recommended that she

Its mother and it was recommended that she

Its finally summer and a time to do what you want and have as much fun as you can. Well thats not the case with Amanda Conklins who lives in a cruel and crazy town on a very scary street, Fear Street.Amanda was going threw a lot of bad tuff times, like when the town accused her of lighting an old mans house on fire, or the time when she was accused of stealing from her school gym.

Amanda was also doing fairly bad in school and especially at the end of her school year. Amanda was so frustrated that she told everyone she would soon run away and a few nights that exactly what she did and on that night she was hit by car and the next morning she was sent to a mental hospital nearby her home. She then came out of the mental hospital a month later and went back to school. The bad thing was tat she didnt know any of the stuff they were studying and there was only one week left of school. She was doing terrible in school and on last day of school she got her report card and it was terrible. When she came home he showed it to her mother and it was recommended that she should go to summer school.

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So the summer that Amanda thought would be the greatest summer yet was turned into the worst. Amandas family decided to move the family to a nearby beach in Seahaven. In Saehaven Amanda was sent to summer school and hated it. Amandas parents aid that they wer going on a 3week trip and already have everything planned. Amandas brother and sister were going to be baby sat by who was said to be the towns best baby sitter, her name was Chrissy Meleings.

Chrissy was known as the best baby sitter Amandas sister and brother loved her and so did the rest of the town but Amanda had a feeling there was something wrong with her.So Amanda started asking around to see if Chrissie was bad or not. It took long but she found out about her reacent babysitttings from her friend heather and found out that Amanda would kill any animals of yours steal toys and it is rumored that she killed some of the kids she babysat. Amanda was going crazy and it was the second week since Christie has been babysitting her sister and brother and Amanda noticed her cat was missing she then searched all around for it. She couldnt find her cat for two days and started saying that Chrissy killed her cat and not to many people believed her.Two days later while Amanda was telling everyone about the cat incident and Chrissy walked up with the cat and she said Oh if you were wondering where your cat was I sent it to the vet.

Amanda regretted ever thinking Chrissy was a bad person until she found her cat dead and her sister with scars all over her head, arms legs and she couldnt find her brother. To find who killed Amandas cat and scarred her and where her brother is read this great book written by R.L. Stine. I really liked this book a lot because it made me keep wanting to read on and it made me think certain things and then they just went a different way.

For example when Amanda said Chrissy killed her cat I believed that Chrissy did kill her cat. This book also had a lot of suspense and was scary at times. I would recommend this book to kids between the ages of 10- 14.Bibliography:

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