Have Every Woman Knows Sooner or Later,”

Have Every Woman Knows Sooner or Later,”

Have you ever heard adults talking about their spouses and all the troubles they have to put up with because they love them? In the poems “The Trouble With Women Is Men” and “What Almost Every Woman Knows Sooner or Later,” Ogden Nash talks about the troubles women go through daily with men and how frustrating it can be.

In Nash’s poem “The Trouble With Women Is Men,” he goes through the daily routine of a woman and all she has to put up with from the man she loves. At the very end he writes “….just kick him fairly hard in the stomach, you will find it thoroughly enjoible.” Sometimes, women feel the need to release their anger just as men do, and Nash seems to understand that. According to the University of Texas’ website, it stated that when Nash married and had two daughters, the family had a very close relationship with one another. In a family of all women, Nash understood what life with a house full of women was like. His marriage and his children proved to be a strong influence on his work.

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In the second poem, “What Almost Every Woman Knows Sooner or Later,” Nash talks about how eventually women will know, or at least try to understand men, and why they do the things they do sometimes. Nash shows an understanding of how men, at times, can be forgetful, uncaring, inconsiderate and self-centered by his words, “Husbands are indeed an irritating form of life, And yet through some quirk of Providence most of them are really deeply ensconced in the affection of their wife.” Even with all the troubles women have to put up with, in the end, all those troubles do not matter. All that really matters is their love for their husbands.Encarta.com stated that, “Nash’s comic verse ranges from lighthearted to bitter and at times is completely and hilariously nonsensical. He used startling rhymes and puns, asymmetrical lines, and highly amusing parenthetical statements to create opportunities for surprising rhymes.

” In both of his poems, he writes about everyday life situations that make them even more interesting and enjoyable.Men play an important role in women’s day-to-day lives. Even with all of the headaches they may cause at times, women could not live without them. If women were to delete men from their lives, that would leave women with no life at all, even though at times, women would like to delete them.

It is nice to know that a man, Ogden Nash, took the time to understand what a woman goes through daily. Now if all men would follow in his steps, we might begin to have a more perfect world. Once the men have taken a good look at themselves, it is the woman’s turn to take a good look at herself.Bibliography:

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