There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with Oedipus committing into searching who killed the King Laius. Oedipus behave as the king and it was the best thing to do to show his authority to his population. As story goes, the purpose to search the murder changes. Oedipus ignoring each advises that warn him about risk to know the truth have gradually become selfish.

At the end, everything is uncovered, letting Oedipus be ruined. The problem is the King losing his publicity and being so selfish. I assume that the author Sophocles attempted to describe the essence of philosophy by providing the symbolized character seeking the truth as philosophers do. What the philosophers study about is to define us human being because philosophers always mention that destination of study is nothing but studying ourselves. As Oedipus change the purpose of an investigation to find the murders toward to find own birth, any study categorized into philosophy will finally reach to ego’s advantage. Sophocles referred to how silly people behave when he lacks publicity and be such selfish. In Greek world, religions was directly related to morality of people.

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Sophocles was afraid of people who are too involved in philosophy losing morality or publicity and eventually individualistic, which would possibly spoil ancient Greek states. Oedipus was too involved in philosophy even though he was the king of the state. Unless the person who was required the enormous publicity could lose the morality by seeking the own foolish truth, ordinary people may not protect themselves from the allurement. The conclusion is that Oedipus should accept advises and immediately stops investigating the truth.

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