The events in Oedipus Rex

The events in Oedipus Rex

The events in Oedipus Rex, written by Greek tragedian Sophocles, King of Thebes Oedipus is widely regarded as a tragedy of fate. The Oracle stated a deadly prophecy before Oedipus was born, leading his biological parents abandoned him on the side of the road in the mountains. Oedipus was later rescue and raised by King Polybus. Later as Oedipus is grown adult, he met with the Oracles of Delphi to find out about his future but, was told about a dreadful prophet about his father. The tragedy fate of Oedipus was leading from his prophecy fulfillment, the anger Oedipus had toward his people, and stabbing his eyes out instead of facing his own truth.
Before Oedipus was born, his biological parents King Laius of Thebes and his wife Jocasta, were warned by the Delphic Oracle that said that their son would kill his father and marries his mother. After Jocasta delivered Oedipus, Laius ended up skewed the newborn leg together and both the parents abandoned him in the mountains. A Shepherd did rescue the baby and send him to the kingdom of Polybius and was raised by Polybus. Oedipus did have a good life until he interferes with a drunken man in a tavern tells him that he is not the biological son of Polybus and Merope. Oedipus was disturbed and consulted the oracle of Delphi, asking about who his real parents is but was ignored; instead, they told him that he would murder his father and have children with his mother. Again, disturbed by the prophecy and still believe Polybus is his father, he left the Corinth to escape the prophecy. He was on his way to Thebes village until he encountered Laius and his servant and turned heated. Not knowing Laius is his biological father, he ended up killing them all and continued his way to Thebes. One of Oedipus prophecy was fulfilled. Before he arrived Thebes, Oedipus again encounters Sphinx who would strangle any travelers who failed to answer a question. Oedipus answers the question truthy correct and ended the curse. He was reward for freeing Thebes from Sphinx, crowned king and married his queen, Jocasta. Although Oedipus still not realize that Jocasta is his mother, his prophecy has been fulfilled.
Oedipus married and father of four living his life as the king of Thebes, he was gathered by Thebans citizens on their behalf by a concerning plague outbreak and the city dying. Creon, the brother of Jocasta, Oedipus brother-in-law, or ‘uncle’, returns from an oracle of Apollo and said that the plague was a punishment for the murder of King Laius. Oedipus advises the Thebans to help find the murderer and face justice in order to lift the plague. Teiresias, the blind prophet, warned Oedipus to not know the truth, “Bear your own fate, and I’ll bear mine. It is better so: trust what I say.” Than Oedipus went on rage, lashes out and demands Teiresias what he knows to speak out. In which in a way suggest the Oedipus, was the one committed to murder Laius, and Teiresias was trying to protect it and not tell him the truth. Until Oedipus accused Teiresias, “You planned it, you had it done, you all but killed him with your own hands: if you had eyes, I’d say the crime was yours, and yours alone.” Teiresias fire back and said, “you yourself are the pollution of this country.” The argument escalates, Oedipus accused Tiresias again but plotting with Creon to overthrow him, while Tiresias give clues of other terrible things that Oedipus has done. Creon tells him this his own temper is his worst enemy. Oedipus still convinced Creon try to overthrow him, he declares Creon to banish or execute. Jocasta believes her brother and beg Oedipus to release him, which he did. Oedipus experiences from deep-seated hubris that can cause himself to overreact out of anger.
The downfall fate is near for Oedipus. After Creon was release and exited the scene, Jocasta share her deadly prophecy that she and Laius were told from oracle, similar with Oedipus has from his. Until a messenger arrives from Corinth, with the news for Oedipus that Polybus, still believing to be his father, died from old age. Both Oedipus and Jocasta were relieved and joyed that the prophecies are dead gone but still worried about his mother. Not until the messenger broke the news about his parents. The messenger reveled that Polybus and Merope are not Oedipus biological parents, and he also told, “came upon you in the woody vales of Kithairon.” Gifted the baby Oedipus to Polybus to raised him. The messenger also mention that a shepherd handed him baby Oedipus and was part of Laius people. Jocasta demands to stop, “My own is pain enough for me to bear,” exit the palace. Oedipus spoke to Shepard and he tell Oedipus everything and confirmed that King Laius and Jocasta are his biological parents and the true prophecy he knows about. Oedipus was in disbelief and realized his prophecy was fulfilled. Rushed back to the palace, Jocasta committed a suicide and Oedipus in grief. He gouges and destroy his own eyes out. Destroying his eyes out, he refused to see the truth that came upon of his sickening prophecy and what he did with his father and mother/wife. Oedipus wished he was never saved as a baby, he really wanted to be dead and not commit it. Oedipus in grief, will continue living his life scarred.
To draw the conclusion, the plot of Oedipus was predestined. With his prophecy already complete by killing his biological father and married his mother, still believing his parents are Polybus and Merope, Oedipus did not know a clue his prophecy was fulfilled. With his town dying of plague and Oedipus plead to search the suspect and face justice, but still does not realized he killed Laius. His anger towards his people, back fired at him simply instruments his fate. Ultimately, Oedipus downfall was his unwilling to accept his fate and gouges his eye out so, he does not have to face the truth.


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