The her. He does not feel guilty

The her. He does not feel guilty

The Characterization of Noah ClaypoleThe process of characterization is that which every author uses to make, build, or create a character.

In Oliver Twist, the characterization of Noah Claypole, is carried out in three ways: the author has the character say things that tell the reader what sort of a person he is, do things that reveal his personality, and the author also has the storyteller describe Noah to expose things concerning his nature.His dialogue characterizes Noah. A young man, Noah does not speak to his lady kindly at all. He is very criticizing, Oh, there yer are, resting again!(Davies). The tone of his speech is intolerant, mocking, and aggressive all at the same time. His violent nature is revealed when he threatens to kick his companion.

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A gentleman would never do such a thing to a lady. The use of slang words in his dialogue reflects his social background. Furthermore, he refers to his lady as a fool.

This is exceedingly discourteous of him. Noah is further characterized by what he does. Noah does not respect his companion at all.

He does not even walk beside her. He does not feel guilty for making his lady carry a much heavier luggage. Worst of all, he paces in advance and occasionally turns to her with an impatient jerk of the head. He is a bad-tempered man whose nose grows redder as he gets mad. He cannot tolerate the fact that his lady does not urge herself to greater exertion just because she is tired. Noah is also characterized by the narrators descriptions.

The narrator mostly referred to Noah as Mr. Claypole. This affords the writer the opportunity for considerably harsh comments. The contrast of the luggage sizes mentioned allows the reader to assume Noah as a thoughtless man.

There is irony in the way Davies describes Noah and his lady. Davies mentions how Noah wanted to save himself, if there were going to be any arresting, but he did not care for his companion. At the end of the same paragraph, Davies writes, Of course, he entered at this juncture into no explanation of his motives, and they walked on very lovingly together(Davies). The narrators descriptions also set a mood, which will elicit an active response from the reader.

Davies characterizes Noah Claypole by his dialogues, his actions, and the narrators descriptions. English Essays

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