A long time ago about 4800 years ago

A long time ago about 4800 years ago

A long time ago about 4800 years ago, Allah sent Prophet Noh with the truth message. For a very long time, Prophet Noh was trying to lead his people to the right path, but only a few poor people did. In fact, the rich man tries to injure the Prophet Noh. Unfortunately, Prophet Noh dakwah was immediately ignored by his followers at that time. Various ways have been used by Prophet Noh but only a few hundred people really believe and all those who believe in the words of the Prophet Noah were poor and low ranking people. While the rest of his people are rich and high ranking does not care about the dakwah of the Prophet Noah and even continue to worship their idols. They also conspire to fail the dakwah of the Prophet Noah. More sad again, not only the rich who did not believe in the Prophet Noah, but the Prophet’s own family also did not believe in the words of the Prophet Noah. During the 950’s the Prophet Noah dakwah to his people to worship Allah. Only a few are worship.

So, Prophet Noah was praying to Allah for help. Prophet Noah complaint was accepted by Allah. “Do not grieve over your reluctance, stubbornness and rejection of your people, for Allah will destroying those who disbelieve, they will not be safe unless Prophet Noah and his family and sincere people follow the teachings of the Prophet Noah” and Allah request him to build an ark, saying that to punish these wicked men. He will send a big flood. Before the destroying disaster occurred, Noah’s Ark had been given revelation to build a great ark to save humanity and other earthly creatures. Allah told Prophet Noah to make an ark to release him and those who followed him from danger. Prophet Noah went to look for the wood to build the ark, the wood was cut off and made into a board, and the pieces of the boards were arranged and attached to an ark.

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When his folk disbelievers saw Prophet Noah making the ark, they mocked and laughed at him. They said to Prophet Noah: “O Noah! Why now do you make an exclamation to us and make the ark? Is it now that wood is more profitable than being a Prophet?” Some others say: “Everybody makes the ark over the river or the sea, this crazy Noah made the ark on the ground!. It seems that the cow would pull that stuff..!! “. Prophet Noah only replied: “Wait for the time to come and you will know what will happen. Now you laugh at me, then you will be able to get reply and punishment to your actions.”

So, the Prophet Noah assisted by a handful of believers began to build a great Ark. People laughed at them. When, after a lot of hard work and tiring, Ark was ready to sail, Prophet Noah urged all believers to enter with the name of Allah. Allah told Prophet Noah to bring men and women from all kinds of living things as well. The boat has 3 floors, the ground floor for wild and creeping beasts, the second floor for humans, and the third floor for birds. The ark has a door that is located in the center and has a door leaf locking tight from the top. In every piece of wood, both from inside and outside that works with water to prevent entry.

One by one all the animals entered the Ark. Some have legs, some are crawling and some jumps. All came straight into the Ark with the couple. The ark became a great cage for animals and sailboats safe for believers. These animals run like giraffes and rhinos, elephants and camels, monkeys and wolves, cats and kangaroos, bears and horses, cattle and sheep, lions and tigers and all into the ark in pairs. There are chickens and ducks, flamingos and eagles, ostriches and chickens. Small and large birds flying high above the earth also came. All collected in pairs and led. Turtles, snails and tortoises crawl along the ground. Then came frogs and grasshopper jumping into the Ark. The rabbits also ran the race and finally came crocodiles with their large jaws.

Soon all the creatures came to the ark and the supply was kept away. Then the black clouds began to cover the sky. First, the rain falls. More and more rain falls every day. Day after day, rain and rain. The whole world looks dark. It becomes darker and darker with strong winds blowing from each side and water rises in large waves as far as eyes can be seen. Allah commanded the ground opened until the fountain came to shoot. The rivers overflowed and the water fell on the river. The Ark was up and down on the high waves. The more water came to the valley, the trees were covered by waters, hills and mountains submerged. The world is like a large ocean. The only thing to see is water everywhere.

Far away, everyone who did not pay attention to the call of Prophet Noah was drowned in the large flood. With heavy rain on the roof and the big wind around, the Ark kept sailing amidst the waves. The thunder is loudly and the lightning flashes from the sky. Everyone on board was very frightened, but Prophet Noah continued to pray to Allah for mercy during this strong trial and test. When the flood had reached its peak, Allah ordered the earth to swallow water and the sky to hold back the rain. Water starts to dry. The rain has stopped. The clouds began to break apart. After all wiped out by the mighty flood, the rain began to stop, the water began to recede, the wind and the storm began to subside, the sun began to emit its rays.

Noah’s Ark was then stranded on a hill named ‘Al-Judi’. Prophet Noah send a pigeon to find out whether the water is dry and the earth can be inhabited by humans. Soon the pigeon came back with a row of green branches, and Noah knew that the floods had receded and dried up and Noah leave the animals. Then Noah came out with the family and the believers who followed him. The Prophet Noah and the believers who were with him thanked Allah for saving them from the terrible flood. Everyone was happy to get out of the ark. Prophet Noah prayed, “Lord, let my landing from this ark be blessed, for You alone can make me land safely. In this way, Allah made the flood and the Ark of Noah’s as a sign and warning for all who came after the Prophet Noah.


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