Nilsen et

Nilsen et

Nilsen et., al researched specific techniques and interventions focusing on post stroke patients and ways to improve participation with motor impairment. The reason Nilsen et.,al conducted and researched this study was to better examine the results of known interventions and motor alterations for individuals post stroke. The interventions have been tested were; Repetitive Task Practice, CIMT and mCIMT, Mental Practice,Virtual Reality, Mirror Therapy, Action Observation, Strengthening and Exercise (Nilsen et., al, 2014).
Motor impairment in patients that suffer from post stroke have techniques and modifications for effective results in intervention. The following intervention portrayed positive results. The Repetitive Task Practice, stated that the intervention brought great success for individuals after stroke. This intervention forms a specific goal for each individual to perform repetitions of a task that is meaningful. The intervention is task- specific to the individual and and related their direct goal. Many witnessed tremendous improvements in balance as well as their stability advanced. Many individuals also expressed that this intervention allowed the individual to be active in their activities of daily living and their participation as a whole. An additional intervention tested was CIMT and mCIMT following the first intervention. These patients continued to progress and some improved in their performance. In the process, to be evaluated the researchers looked at the the following areas; upper extremity function, balance and mobility, and activity and participation (Nilsen et., al, 2014).
Mental Practice,Virtual Reality, Mirror Therapy, Action Observation, Strengthening and Exercise did not result successfully due to few participants. Limitations that are perceived is that most of the interventions experimented were not as successful as planned and as a result were discontinued. Along with that another disadvantage of the reported research is that there were few participants were active. As research continues to develop and progress the evidence will result with efficient and successful remarks for patients with motor impairments post stroke (Nilsen et., al, 2014).


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