Jay Patel Ms

Jay Patel Ms

Jay Patel
Benjamin N. Cardozo
Martin Luther: Hero or Villain
After one of the greatest time period in history called the Renaissance. Somebody named Martin Luther tried to show the people of what the Catholic Church is actually doing. Martin Luther is a german monk who was born in Eisleben in Saxony on November 10. 1483. Even though, his family was not as wealthy, his father had to work his way up to get Luther good education. When we were studying the bible… He learned that the Church is doing things for money and not for god such as selling indulgences… Due to this, he wrote the 95 theses to counteract the Church. And this is what sharted a religious war against the Church due to the end of religious unity. Therefore, he became known as a symbol of the Protestant Reformation. Well based of this many people believe that Martin Luther to be as a hero due to him changing the Church forever into a place of god instead of a corrupt organization.
Martin Luther was born in November 10, 1483. However, after he was born, he and his family moved to Mansfield from Eisleben which is where he was raised. Martin Luther was not born to the wealthiest family. His father was a miner and a smelter with this he raised Martin and his brother. His father worked hard to make this children have a great career. Luther’s Father wanted Martin Luther to be a Lawyer more than anything. Since his father wanted him to become a lawyer he made Luther go to Magdeburg for one year and lather was enrolled into the University of Erfurt. Due to his hard work he was very close to completing his father goal of him being a Lawyer. However, one thunderstorm changed it all and when he was praying he said he would become a monk if he didn’t die. And when his wish was filled, he joined the Monastery in Erfurt. Losing all of his work. Therefore, after him being taking over by the monastery he went to Rome. However, due to him no being glad “he was transferred from the monastery in Erfurt to the one in Wittenberg where, after receiving his doctor of theology degree, he became a professor of biblical theology at the newly founded University.” What this means is after him becoming a monk he didn’t become a Lawyer he gained another job in which he can teach people about the Bible… So, he later go a job as a professor in the University of Wittenberg.
Even though, he was learning the Bible and About God… he had many problems with the Church. However, the main problem was the selling of Indulgences. He knew that they were not used to help people reach Heaven. However, a way for the Church to get money to build St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Martin Luther believed the only to reach Heaven is not by buying Indulgences. However, was to achieve salvation. Due to his he posted the 95 Theses. The 95 Theses are ideas that Luther believed in about selling of Indulgences… According to ccel.org they state that “These Ninety-Five Theses set out a devastating critique of the Church’s sale of Indulgences and explained the fundamentals of Justification by grace alone,”(Ccel.org). This shows that he only did it so that the public knows the truth instead of what they are being told. On the other hand, he didn’t know that it would cause such a big change. However, when someone made copies of it and shared it to the public it caused such a major change. However, his intention was to show that selling indulges is wrong and that there is a more right way to reach heaven the way they were intended to. Therefore, this is the main problems he had with the Church and what is the 95 theses and it was created.


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