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The story gone girl was written by Gillian Schieber Flynn. She was born on February 24 1971. She is American writer. Gillian Flynn has good form for delving into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, her two previous novels winning a raft of awards and gaining fans including Val Mc Dermid and Kate Atkinson. Gone Girl is her best novel yet and definitely a contender for thriller of the year. Its based on a relatively familiar premise, that of the missing spouse, but Flynn imbues the story with such well observed psychological depth as to make it seem utterly fresh on the page.

This book is about unmasking peoples personalities. What we see initially in this book is a lovable couple working through hard times who have survived 5years of marriage successfully. But as the layers are revealed like peels of an onion, we see how disturbing and unsettling the human nature can be analogous to the tears caused by the onions. It is about how far one goes to get revenge. After losing his job as a journalist Nick and Amy move from New York to a small town called North Carthage Missouri to start afresh. The clever and beautiful Amy has a hard time adjusting to the small town life initially but then it grows over her. They live a pretty quiet and uneventful life, until on the day of Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing. The evidences point towards Nick even though he vehemently denies any involvement in this case. The action takes place in Carthage, Missouri an anonymous slice of small town America suffering in the recession. Nick and Amy Dunne have moved there recently from New York to care for Nick’s ailing mother. It’s an unspoken defeat for them both. Being back especially for Amy who has been raised a trust funded Manhattan socialite, and is how slumming it with the other Carthage wives. Nick runs a bar with his twin sister go (short for Margo) financed by the last of Amy’s trust fund money. The book opens with Amy missing, the narrative switching between Nick who is dealing with the aftermath and diary entries from Amy leading up to the day of her disappearance. As a plot progress Amy’s disappearance becomes more and more suspicious, and Nick inevitably becomes the focus for the local police’s attention, While he tries to balance public opinion and stay on good terms with Amy’s parents a husband and wife team of children’s authors now fallen on hard times.

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The first half of Gone girl includes some of the most tense prose you will ever get to reads. Flynn is masterly at ramping up the drama to painful almost unreadable levels, with each minor revelation about the police investigation for Amy’s backstory pitched perfectly to maximize a response from the reader. Around halfway through we find out what has really happened to Amy, or we think we do as the veracity of some of the earlier narration is thrown into doubt . Some of the tension of the story is inevitably lost but Flynn cleverly replaces it with a slow drip revelation of the real mindsets and motivation of her characters. I can’t say anymore about the pplot without giving away too much anathema to us thriller writers but it is safe to say you will be left wondering how on earth the story is going to end, right up to the book finals to the books final climatic scenes. This story of a love gone brutually wrong is a painful but utterly. however, his lack of grief towards his missing wife makes him a prime suspect and this shows the conclusion of the story of the Gone Girl.


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