Modernization in this contemporary world gives birth to emerging access to technologies that lead to the growth of social media platforms

Modernization in this contemporary world gives birth to emerging access to technologies that lead to the growth of social media platforms

Modernization in this contemporary world gives birth to emerging access to technologies that lead to the growth of social media platforms. The existence of present-day devices provides the creation of applications, programs and other networks that portrays an important role to every individual in terms of convenience. Social media platforms serve as interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the emergence and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. It provides the ability to create a mere connection in the present society and to the functions of social media. However, social media platforms transmit messages and source of effective connectedness, there are factors that contribute to its negative impacts that affect every individual in the society. The social media platforms would formulate conclusions that want to give emphasis to the factors that cultivate the anxiety within a certain individual with the usage of the media that produces a certain condition of depression. While the Social Media platforms offer a lot of benefits, this will prove that there are instances that they have disadvantages that trigger to doubt, fear or uneasiness and literally to depression. There are studies that would link between spending extended time on social media and experiencing negative mental health outcomes. The benefits of the social media platforms will provide contrast to determine whether these media channels take advantage on the development of modern technologies in the virtual world and just simply produce the impact that would lead to the association of depression and anxiety.

The traditional forms of communication are in the modes of television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials. As time goes by, developments sprouted that leads to the discovery of technology that brings life to modern devices. Advancements are very rampant until social media platforms are created. Different kinds of applications and functions are available to the people to give the easiest accessibility in the form of communication. People grab the opportunities that will lessen their difficulties especially to connect to all individuals in the world in just one click. The social media platforms continue to provide all the needed operations of the people on an everyday basis. In this certain situation, the forms of social media grow depends on the demand of the people. People are introduced to modern devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. The growth of social media platforms formed a vital role in the lives of the people. Nowadays, people only think in reaching out to social media platforms in terms of challenges and difficulties because the mere fact that revolves around their mind is that everything can be found on the Internet. The Global Digital Report of 2018, provides a data that shows that there are 7.60 billion of people in the world and the number of internet users worldwide in 2018 is 4.02 billion up 7 percent year-on-year, social media users worldwide comes with 3.20 billion up 13 percent year-on-year and users of mobile phone is 5.14 billion up 4 percent year-on-year. This only exhibits almost half of the total population in the world are now swallowed by the means of the usage of social media. The total data continues to grow that would greatly conclude that social media platforms effectively influence and encourage the people to be updated and enjoy every feature that they can provide. The Delvalle organization classifies the social media platforms into; social networking, microblogging, blogging (publishing websites), photo sharing, video sharing, and crowdsourcing. The Social Networking includes; Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, Microblogging is composed of; Twitter and Tumblr, Blogging includes; WordPress and Blogger, photo sharing composed of; Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat and Pinterest, Video Sharing includes; YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope and Crowdsourcing are formed with Ushahidi, Inc. Among these categories, there are applications that made a name on the Internet especially on how they are adopted by the people. According to Digital Guide 1&1, Facebook is widely considered to be the mother of all social media platforms and its most basic functions consist of providing an outlet for its members to communicate with each other as well as with private companies. The power of social media platforms gives complex perspectives on the range of its usage and the extent of people they have reached out in order to portray interaction in social, economic and even political views. As social media continues to develop, the scope of the people that use its features does not limit however it increases and form a society of innovations and susceptibility.

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In today’s generations, every individual is much thankful to acquire all the developments from their ancestors that contributes to the idea of transformation and development of new phase and era. People don’t need a lot of effort and hard works to achieve their desires and necessities. Even if you are just sitting down with the presence of modern devices, anything can be access, there a lot of things you can, A lot of the parents told their children that in their times, they have to exert all their strength and perseverance to overcome every challenge in life, unlike in this current situation we are facing, everything can be controlled in your own hands. The situations in the past are the major causes of advancements because there are people who are willing to discover new things and ideas to produce a different kind of impact that would change the world for the better. Sahara Donnely as an entrepreneur in a private company states that “In every era, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years ours have been more impacted than anything else by social media”. The generation today cannot deny the fact that the most influential factor that brings influence and convenience to each and everyone is the discovery of social media platforms. The forms of communication have grown efficiently to unite the people and to make an impact on the progress of the country even in the world with the appearances of the platforms of social media. The website of Webmasterview of Crystal Briscode encloses a statement that “It is a fact that social media has tremendously changed the way people interact and carry on with their lives”. People are contented with the offerings of social media and they are afraid to offer themselves in the opportunities in the real world. The application of social media platforms serves as an avenue where you can communicate, purchase and even form transactions. The functions of social media help the people to be informed and updated to every activity that made up our environment. The modern technologies and also the products itself through social media platforms brought changes in the habitual practices of an individual and affects also their ability to adapt in terms of the resiliency of life.

Social Media platforms have molded the life of every individual to have comfort and happiness. The Internet has its own attributes to enhance the connection within the people. As life continues to provide us with different challenges, we must not be contented with the benefits of social media platforms. It is important to find your own self with your own purpose on this earth. People must not be deprived of the advantages of social media platforms, however, we must acquire the value of learning is able to face every difficulty with confidence. Social media platforms as the major contributors to accessibility and effective communication, they provide risks also in this digital world. The children of this modern generation focus on the benefits of the modern technologies especially on discovery of new gadgets, they are not even expose to their environment. They are lost in their own world and let the social media conquers them. One Report by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK surveyed 1500 young people, ages 14-24, to determine the effects of social media use on issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and body image. The findings show that YouTube had the most positive impact, while Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all had negative effects on mental health. The social media platforms are used by the people to find connection, acceptance, and happiness that they could not find within their environment. Heavy use of these media channels contributes to other harmful actions and addiction that let every individual be swallowed by the chances of innovations. According to Kessler et al., 2010, Mathers and Loncar, 2006, Depression and Anxiety are associated with substantially increased morbidity and mortality and one of the victims are the young adults and youth who are engaged with social media. It may also be that using a wide variety of different social media platforms subsequently leads to depressive and anxiety symptoms. Participation in many different social media platforms may lead to multitasking between platforms, which is known to be related to poor cognitive and mental health outcomes. (Becker et al., 2013). Another assumption that would provide an explanation to the usage of social media platforms states that a study published online in Computers in Human Behavior on December 10, 2016, found that the use of multiple social media platforms is more strongly associated with depression and anxiety among young adults than time spent online. Every social media platform is a different kind of world, people cannot resist the factors that affect them and leads to mood disorders. The engagement on the Internet does not free an individual to compare and be jealous thus it triggers to a more complex disorder of anxiety and depression.

In the book of David Amerland entitled “The Social Media Mind”, he states, “Social Media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks; it gives us immediacy, direction, and value as an individual”. The social media platforms serve as our pathway in this digital world, it gives us the enjoyment of accessibility, communication, and entrepreneurial transactions. Anything that we need in our everyday living can be made through the Internet. The current events and opportunities nowadays are driven mostly by social media platforms. Even the modern technologies produced already a platform in the industry, the people behind it must focus also on the negative impacts of these channels to control any disorders that people can acquire because of different factors. Social media platforms serve as an awareness to limit oneself with the benefits they provide and most especially with the conflicts they produce in different circumstances. People in this world must learn how to make an impact on society and not focus on how to impress other people. Anything that can be found in social media platforms that can build anger and boastfulness must be prevented instead people must focus on the positivity in life that would implant the value of happiness and contentedness within themselves so that depression can be control and mitigates its unexpected effects.


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